Shiba Inu Prediction Today, November 30, 2022: SHIB/USD Is Moving Downwards

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Once Shiba Inu’s price movements tested the resistance of 0.00000942, price action made a little rebound downward in the subsequent trading sessions. Also, technical indicators seem to be aligning for further possible downward movement.

SHIB Analysis Statistics Data:
Shuba Inu value now: $0.00000907
Shiba Inu market cap: $4.99 billion
SHIB moving supply: 549.06 billion
SHIB Total Supply: 589.74 billion
Shiba Inu Coinmarketcap ranking: #14

Key price Levels:
Top: $0.00000937, $0.00000957, $0.0000987
Floor: $0.00000907, $0.00000883, $0.00000863

Shiba Inu Prediction Today November 30, 2022: SHIB/USD Seems Prepared to Move Further Downwards

In the SHIB/USD market, the price activity has turned bearish. Consequently, Shiba Inu price seems to be on its way to lower support. Two consecutive sessions have remained in the favor of sellers, as technical indicators further align to predict more decline. The used Stochastic RSI indicator has performed a downward crossover. However, the lines of the RSI aren’t pointing steeply downwards. Perhaps this may be because some buying may have begun. Also, by critically examining the last price candlestick, it could be seen that it has a short body. This may be pointing to a possible price reversal, which may break up the resistance $0.00000942.

Shiba Inu Prediction Today, November 30, 2022: SHIB/USD Is Moving Downwards

Shiba Inu Prediction Today November 30, 2022: SHIB/USD Lossing Minimal Profits

The SHIB/USD 4-hour market reveals what has caused the above indicator’s reluctance to indicate a decisive downtrend. This can be seen as price activities have tested the resistance formed MA line and is now reversing downwards. However, even on the four hours market price action seems to making be its way toward support levels. The Stochastic Relative Strength indicator has given a bearish crossover while still in the oversold region. As a result, this has caused price candles to keep forming in favor of the bears. Therefore, traders can expect to witness more reduction in the Shiba Inu price, perhaps towards $0.00000880.

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