Tournament Poker Player Correctly Predicts Entire Board During All-In Pot

It’s commonplace in tournament poker during an all-in pot to start calling for cards to come on the flop. If the player gets a card or two correct, it will usually get a decent reaction from the table.

At a recent poker tournament in Texas, one player called the entire board as he sent his opponent packing from the final table.

With seven players left at the final table of the $400 no-limit hold’em “Ultimate Monster” event during the Lone Star Poker Series at Champions Poker Club in Houston, Troy Clogston moved all in on the button with JSpade SuitJHeart Suit and Don Iyengar called from the big blind with ADiamond SuitJClub Suit. Iyengar was the player at risk with the shorter stack.

Once the cards were on their back, Clogston began predicting what was coming, and it turns out he was pretty accurate.

“I think the case jack will come, or eight, nine, ten,” said Clogston.

The flop was 10Club Suit9Heart Suit8Spade Suit and the table already started to laugh as he nailed his flop prediction.

Clogston then called for the 4Spade Suit to come on the turn. It did, which got most of the table on their feet as they awaited the river.

“What’s coming on the river?” another player asked Clogston.

“The two of hearts,” said Clogston.

The dealer put out the river… and it was the 2Heart Suit.

You can watch the entire clip in the video below, courtesy of PokerGO:

Iyengar pocketed $1,492 for his seventh-place finish, while Clogston went on to earn a third-place score of $4,475. Pedro Rios ended up besting the 102-entry field for the $9,447 top prize.




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