Three Non-Negotiables When Choosing A Betting App

Millions of sports fans across the world enjoy placing bets on their favourite teams and players. They call on their knowledge of the game they love and try to use it to beat the bookies, pulling in a profit while watching from the stadium or from the comfort of home on television. Done properly, online sports gambling has the potential to add an extra edge to the big match. Bet smart, and you could give yourself two reasons to cheer – one for your team’s victory and the other for the betting profits made.

Whether you are a lover of making predictions on the hectic MLB schedule or enjoy nothing more than sitting down in front of the TV and placing football bets at the weekend, it’s crucial that you are getting the best service possible from your bookmaker. You want access to the most generous odds, standout bonuses, the widest range of markets and even access to your team’s next fixture on an HD quality live stream.

Make The Most Of Your Choice

Search the industry, and you’ll find there are many options available to you when looking for a sportsbook to join. Choice is good, and competition is great for the bettor with bookies vying for your attention, but it can get confusing. With every sportsbook promising you the best service, how do you know which site to trust? It’s not easy to tell a good bookie from a great bookie, and the different options, promotions and offers may even put you off, but don’t be deterred. We’re here to help.

On this page, you’ll find the thoughts of a sports betting expert who has spent more than a decade in the industry, tracking the rise of online betting from the early days to the popularity of smartphone gambling apps available today. Read on as we explain three non-negotiables your bookie must live up to if they are to earn your custom. Remember, in such a competitive market, the customer is king, and you hold all the aces, so make sure to use that to your advantage.

Each of the points listed below is available at only the leading betting apps. On some sites, you may find one or two of the features, and you may think that’s OK, but you shouldn’t settle for OK. The more features that are available to you, the greater your chances of beating the bookies and making a profit from your sportsbook bets. Give yourself the best chance possible of earning a constant stream of sportsbook betting profits.

Welcome Bonus Free Bet

Your starting point for a good bookie is the welcome bonus. This is the promotion that is used by a sportsbook to stand out from the crowd, enticing you into creating an account with one site while ignoring the competition. Look for the best deal possible, a free bet or a risk-free bet. Read the terms and conditions to ensure the offer is as good as the headline. The more you understand about a welcome bonus, the better your chance of making it work for you.

Market Best Price

Every bet you place on sports should be at market best odds. There should be no bookie out there offering a bigger price than the one your site has. Even if you have to register at multiple bookies to get it, make sure you have the best odds on every bet. The difference in prices may seem small, but they all add up and could be the difference between profit and loss at the end of the year.

Live Streaming

The top bookies offer customers an HD live streaming site that allows them to watch MLB, horse racing, NFL, NBA and more on their smartphone. Place a bet, watch the live stream free of charge and gamble in-play. If your bookie doesn’t allow you to watch your bets and you’re left checking a results site, it’s time to aim higher. You deserve the chance to enjoy the full sportsbook gambling experience, including cheering your selections across the line. This should come at no extra cost, and that’s something the best apps offer. If you have wagered cash on the outcome of an event, you should be able to watch it.




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