Three Must-Read SCOOP Satellite Strategy Tips

Ahead of the final weekend of the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) on PokerStars, there is still time for you to win your way into any number of events for less.

Satellites are now running in the PokerStars client to several events, including the three SCOOP-92 Main Events that guarantee $13 million between them!

The guys and girls over at the PokerStars Blog have put together a guide on how to start smashing SCOOP satellites that you can check out here, but we’re bringing you the top tips!

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Stay Focused on the Bubble

The importance of the bubble in SCOOP satellites cannot be underestimated. Unlike regular MTTs, there is no sliding scale of cashes. In satellites, you either win a seat or you don’t.

Therefore it’s imperative that you finish on the right side of the bubble. So when it comes around make sure you focus up!

Tighten Up Your Play

In MTTs, it’s terrible strategy to play for a min-cash. But in satellites that’s exactly what you should be doing. Don’t put your satellite tournament at risk by being all loosey-goosey. Tighten up and keep your goal of winning a ticket in mind at all times.

Work the Big Stack

The big stack gives you the ability to put pressure on those less secure. Be aggressive against players who are currently safe, but could potentially be at risk if they lost calling a shove to you.

Using your big stack to great effect is your main weapon in tournaments.

Key Takeaways

Here is a list of key takeaways when looking at SCOOP satellite strategy:

  • Avoid calling all-ins – It’s always better to be the one shoving
  • Take the lower variance lines – tighten up and play for a seat
  • Fold equity is the most important form of equity
  • Work out what the average stack on the bubble is, and keep that in mind at all times
  • Tighten up completely when a seat looks inevitable

Remember you can always read the full SCOOP strategy article over at the PokerStars Blog as well as checking out their SCOOP Handbook which is full of tips on how to improve your game during SCOOP.

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