South Point Stands At The Crossroads Of Action In Las Vegas

The South Point Casino is, well… different.

Very different.

And that’s a good thing.

First, there’s the unique location. The South Point stands at the southern end of the famous Las Vegas Strip. It dominates the landscape. You can’t miss it. It may very well be the most accessible casino to get into because it can be seen from just about any place in the city and is conveniently located right off the I-15 freeway.

Then, there’s the glimmering golden 24-story tower, which is a sprawling oasis in the middle of the desert. Even in glittery Las Vegas, the South Point makes an unmistakable statement of luxury, but without the stuffy pretense and high price tags so common on the Center Strip.

And, there are numerous attractions — both gaming-related and non-gaming. The South Point is nationally known for its arena, a 4,400-seat promenade that hosts several major equestrian events each year. Many of the most prestigious horse shows — of all types — are held inside the sporting facility. In fact, up to 1,200 horses can be accommodated inside the arena and surrounding stalls, which are fully air-conditioned. Hey, it gets hot in Vegas. Even horses need to stay cool.

Did we mention the state-of-the-art 16-screen movie theatre with stadium seating? The huge bowling alley? The showroom with world-class music and entertainment? The convention center? The bingo hall? A dozen restaurants? No worries — horses aren’t allowed.

However, what really makes the South Point stand out from the crowded and occasionally overwrought Las Vegas casino and resort scene is the throwback atmosphere and casual attitude when it comes to offering visitors far more bang for the buck and the special way customers are treated. Remember the so-called “good ole days?” Well, they’re still happening inside the South Point.

Take for instance the coffee shop, Coronado Cafe, which offers “old Las Vegas” prices. Steak and eggs breakfast for $5.45 (try the “Gambler’s Special, served on the graveyard shift 12-6 am). Dinner specials start at $6. Bay shrimp shrimp cocktails are served for only $2.45. Manager Thue McCanch revealed the Coronado Cafe serves an average of 3,000-3,500 diners per day, making it one of the most popular restaurants in Las Vegas.

For those who want to live it up a little, or even a lot — try Michael’s which has been one of Las Vegas’ top award-winning restaurants for several years running. Then, there’s the excellent Silverado Steakhouse, or Don Vito’s (terrific Italian food), Primarily Prime Rib, Baja Miquel’s (Mexican cuisine), or the Big Sur Oyster Bar (seafood). Hungry yet?

Okay, let’s get to where the action is — inside the casino, at the race and sportsbook, and in the ever-expanding poker room.

Race and Sports 24/7

It might sound strange, but Las Vegas isn’t really a 24/7 city when it comes to sports wagering. Virtually all the other casinos, even the megaresorts, close down their race and sportsbook operations after hours. At times, bettors can’t cash a winning ticket and/or are even forced to wait until the sportsbook “re-opens” in the morning before making a bet.

But not at the South Point. This is believed to be the only 24/7 race and sportsbook in Las Vegas, and indeed the entire state of Nevada. In a city that never sleeps, that’s what you call a first-class sportsbook committed to serving the players.

It’s no surprise South Point’s sportsbook is so player-friendly. That’s been the way legendary Jimmy Vaccaro has done things for nearly five decades, since he arrived on the Las Vegas sports gambling scene and worked his way to the top as one of the industry’s most revered figures. Vaccaro, who serves as the sports book Marketing Director, can be seen on-site just about every single day of the week. He’s hands-on, from writing tickets or making odds to offering a bit of friendly advice here and there. There’s nothing old-fashioned about old-school courtesies and pure class, and Vaccaro has it all in spades.

The South Point is a popular sportsbook with serious gamblers and where winning isn’t frowned upon. As evidence, the casino has spent millions on partnering with VSIN (Vegas Sports and Information Network), which has a nationally syndicated broadcast facility on site. VSIN offers sports gambling-related news and information to viewers and listeners all over the world.

The broadcast booth is located right next to the sportsbook and is overseen by one of the most legendary sports announcers in history, Brent Musburger. He can often be seen hanging out at the South Point while on the air, and offering an opinion or two on the games. It was no surprise to anyone in the industry when Vaccaro was recently inducted into the Sports Bettor Hall of Fame.

Expanding The Poker Room — Again And Again

Have you heard that some poker rooms are closing in Las Vegas? Unfortunately, it’s true. But not the South Point. Far from it. This poker room isn’t standing still. They’re expanding!

Always eager to be the very best and exceed everyone’s expectations, the South Point Poker Room has established itself as an ideal intersection where locals, visitors, pros, and casual players meet and compete in an atmosphere that’s relaxed and comfortable, but just as much a thrill for all the different level of action and continuing growth of tournaments and other special events.

Jason Sanborn, formally at Bellagio, came to the South Point Poker Room four years ago and made his mark. The Michigan native took a poker room with 22 tables and expanded it to 30 (now) with the capability of 46 tables when hosting special events.

Great dealers and experienced floor staff, comfortable seating, consistent lighting, good games and variety, well-run lists, and promotions have all contributed significantly to the South Point’s success. Here are a few of the notable attributes of the poker room:

  • A $300,000 Fall Freeroll (Poker Tournament): Players who accumulate 100+ hours of play between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30 are eligible to compete in a massive freeroll tournament series. Players logging enough hours of live-action will play in qualifying tournaments, which gives many players the chance to advance into a final round where big money is at stake. Best of all, it’s free.
  • Big Money Games: During football season, the poker room offers many chances for players to win cash prizes and jackpots, usually connected to the outcome of the game. Several $100, 200, and even $500 drawings are held during “big games.” All that’s necessary to qualify for some extra cash is to be playing inside the poker room while the game is being played (shown on televisions throughout the room, of course).
  • Hot Card Daze: On certain days of the week (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays), flopping or winning with certain cards and card combinations earns a special jackpot. For instance, 10s are the “hot card” in October. Flopping a set of 10s earns a $100 cash bonus. Flopping a full house with 10s earns $200. Flopping quads earns $500. Check with the poker room to see all the different promotions and prizes. In November, Jacks will be the “hot card.”

The South Point Poker Room also offers various high-hand bonuses and the always popular bad beat jackpots that often pack the room with action. The player who loses with a big hand might very well exit with the biggest cash prize.

Michael Gaughan — The Visionary

We can’t extol the many virtues of the South Point without saluting the man and the visionary behind the excellence and exuberance. Credit Michael Gaughan, owner and CEO.

The Gaughan family name is legendary in Las Vegas and widely-respected in gambling circles. Michael’s father, the late Jackie Gaughan was one of the early pioneers who helped to build the city and set the highest industry standards for integrity, value, and customer service. Now, a generation later, the Gaughan’s haven’t skipped a beat nor overlooked even the slightest detail.

Gaughan is a true renaissance man. He won several car races, sponsored a NASCAR team, and is the builder, the creator, and today serves as the grand patriarch of the South Point empire. Oh, and he used to own and operate the Barbary Coast, as well, which used to house Michael’s — the famous restaurant that bears his name before it was moved permanently into the South Point.

The South Point is a special and spectacular place. It caters to both Las Vegas locals and casual visitors, serious gamblers, and just about everyone who likes to have a great time. Because this casino and resort offers so many different attractions, and is also so easy to get to, it has developed one of the most passionate followings of loyal players and clientele of any casino in Nevada.

Yes, the heaps of praise and all the hype is well justified. If you’re not already a South Point regular, now’s the time to visit. This is undoubtedly one of the very best, if not the best, gambler-friendly casinos anywhere you’ll find.

And if you ride in on a horse, the South Point can accommodate you and your ride, as well.

For more information about the South Point Hotel Casino & Spa, please visit the casino homepage.

To learn more about the poker room, including games, tournaments, and special promotions, please click here.




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