Second Man Arrested For Stealing $1 Million From Poker Pro Chad Power

A second man was arrested in connection to the robbery of poker pro Chad Power’s home. In February, a pair of men stole a safe from Power’s Henderson home, which contained about $1 million in cash and poker chips.

In May, Las Vegas police arrested 32-year-old Brock Brewer for the home invasion. Brewer is facing several felony charges including burglary with a deadly weapon and conspiracy home invasion. He already has three prior felony convictions.

But Power’s home security footage showed two men breaking into his home through the rear entry on Feb. 10. The two entered in masks but lowered them upon exiting long enough for the police to identify both means Brewer and Trevaghn Battle, a known associate of Brewer.

Police said they received several anonymous tips that helped confirm the identities of the two men. They were also able to use footage from a 2006 robbery to confirm one of them was Brewer. Cell phone data also confirmed that both were in contact with one another on the day of the robbery and GPS records put them both at the scene of the crime at the time it took place.

While in jail, Brewer said that his cohort was a light-skinned black male with dreadlocks, which further helped police connect Battle to the crime. Brewer was arrested in May outside his home. Battle, on the other hand, was hiding in the Miami area to evade Las Vegas law enforcement, according to a Las Vegas CBS affiliate.

Details surrounding Battle’s arrest are scant, but police initially took him into custody for an alleged sexual assault in 2020 before they added charges for the home invasion.

Battle, 26, is now facing an additional five felony charges, including home invasion with a deadly weapon, burglary in possession of a firearm or deadly weapon, theft greater than $100,000, owning a gun by a prohibited person and conspiracy home invasion. He was already facing charges of conspiracy sex assault, sex assault and sex trafficking of an adult.

Battle is being held on $200,000 bail. He has a preliminary hearing on July 20 at 9:30 a.m. for all charges relating to both the robbery and the sexual assault.

Following Brewer’s arrest, he was released and put on house arrest. He was taken back into custody after he failed to comply with a judge’s order.

Power is a regular in nosebleed stakes cash games with $610,094 in career tournament earnings. He is most well-known for his deep run in the 2015 World Series of Poker main event, where he finished 26th for $265,574.




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