Run It Once leadRboard Booster Promotion Returns

We are big fans of the Cash Game and SNG Select leadRboards at Run It Once Poker because they represent fantastic value. That value is now at an all-time high courtesy of the leadRboard Booster promotion returning to the site.

The leadRboard Booster promotion runs until March 14 and sees you compete across 11 cash game and SNG Select leaderboards. You earn leadRboard points for each and every SNG you play and each time you contribute to the cash game rake. Run It Once Poker awards 1 point for every €1 generated in rake

Finish in the top three places in the Cash Game or SNG Select leadRboards to walk away with a cash prize worth between 5 and €800!

Cash Game leadRboards

Game Stakes1st 2nd 3rd
NLH €4 €100 €70
NLH €10+€20 €400 €250
NLH €50 €750 €400
PLO €10 €200 €125
PLO €20 €400 €250
PLO €50 €750 €400
PLO €200+ €800 €200

Five Amazing Reasons Why You Should Play SNGs on Run It Once

SNG Select leadRboards

Cub3d Classic 1st 2nd 3rd
€0.25   €15 €10 €5
€1 €0.90 €75 €50 €25
€2+€5 €1.80+€4.50 €125 €75 €40
€10+€25 €9+€16.50 €400 €200 €100

Do not worry if you miss out on a top-three finish in any of the leadRboards because there is a special leadRboard Booster prize for you to chase down. Earning just 30 points during the promotion guarantees you a €10 payout. Get your grind on and earn 2,500 points and Run It Once will give you €1,000. These prizes are on top of any you win from the leadRboards!

Points Target Rewards

Points Reward
30 €10
100 €20
500 €100
1,000 €200
2,500 €1,000

Grab Your €600 Welcome Bonus

Run It Once Poker puts its players first and this shows not only in its ongoing promotions but in its excellent welcome bonus.

Download Run It Once Poker via PokerNews, create your free account, and make your first deposit of at least €10. Your deposit is matched 100% up to a maximum of €600. You can actually make as many deposits as you wish for the first 30 days after your deposit and they are all matched 100% up to a combined maximum of €600.

This bonus never expires so long as you play at least one raked hands every 30-days, giving you what is essentially a never expiring bonus! The bonus releases into your playable balance at rates shown in the table below:

Bonus Progression Rake This Get This
€0-€100 €25.00 €5
€100-€200 €57.10 €10
€200-€300 €66.50 €10
€300-€500 €100 €10
€500-€600 €200 €10

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Five Amazing Reasons Why You Should Play SNGs on Run It Once
Five Amazing Reasons Why You Should Play SNGs on Run It Once

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