‘POTtheRIVER’ Wins 2021 World Series of Poker Online Pennsylvania $500 No-Limit Hold’em PKO Bracelet

The first two bracelet events of the inaugural World Series of Poker Online Pennsylvania series were both awarded in the early-morning hours of Aug. 10. Several hours after ‘riverrats’ won the kickoff event for the first-ever bracelet won in PA, ‘POTtheRIVER’ emerged victorious in the second event of the series: the $500 buy-in no-limit hold’em PKO (progressive knockout) tournament. ‘POTtheRIVER’ secured the gold bracelet and $27,593 in total prize money for the win, with $14,746 in bounty earnings and $12,846 from the prize pool.

The tournament drew 327 total entries to build a $147,150 prize pool. The top 48 finishers made the money in this event. By the time the final table of nine was set, ‘POTtheRIVER’ had moved into the chip lead, with ‘m1kecr0ss’ and Jason ‘sandjay’ Rivkin within a few big blinds of the top spot. Rivkin recently finished runner-up in the $1,000 championship event during the WSOP Online series in Nevada and New Jersey for $90,811.

‘bkellssc’ was the first to hit the virtual rail when their A-Q was called by the pocket queens of ‘Snacks22’ and the pocket tens of ‘LooseChangee’. The pocket queens held up to see ‘Snacks22’ surge up the leaderboard, while ‘bkellssc’ settled for $2,120 in total prize money as the ninth-place finisher.

‘POTtheRIVER’ scored the next two knockouts, eliminating ‘PineCreek’ (8th – $2,821) and ‘m1kecr0ss’ (7th – $4,407) to extend their lead. ‘Snacks22’ (6th – $4,468) was the next to fall when their AHeart Suit2Club Suit was unable to beat out the KHeart Suit7Club Suit of ‘LooseChangee’. ‘PeachesParty’ ran A-2 into the A-Q suited of ‘PA_iTiltHard’ to finish fifth ($5,941).

The next big hand to arise resulted in a double elimination. ‘PA_iTiltHard’ was all-in preflop and called by both Rivkin and ‘POTtheRIVER’. The flop came down 9Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit5Club Suit and the rest of the chips went in on the side between Rivkin and ‘POTtheRIVER’, who revealed AClub Suit9Club Suit for top pair, top kicker. Rivkin had 7Club Suit6Club Suit for a pair and a straight draw, while ‘PA_iTiltHard’ showed ADiamond Suit3Club Suit for ace high, The turn brought the 9Heart Suit to improve ‘POTtheRIVER’ to trips. The 10Heart Suit on the river locked up the pot for ‘POTtheRIVER’. ‘PA_iTiltHard’ took home $9,132 in total prize money as the fourth-palce finisher, while Rivkin secured $9,945 for his third-place showing.

Heads-up play began with ‘POTtheRIVER’ sitting with approximately 3.8 million in chips to the 2.7 million of ‘LooseChangee’. ‘POTtheRIVER’ took a decisive lead when they got all-in with the nut flush draw facing the top pair and second-but flush draw of ‘LooseChangee’. The river brought an ace to give ‘POTtheRIVER’ the winning pair and more than a 7:1 chip advantage.

‘LooseChangee’ ended up getting all-in with 2Spade Suit2Heart Suit not long after. ‘POTtheRIVER’ had 9Spade Suit8Diamond Suit and took the lead on the 8Heart Suit6Diamond Suit5Spade Suit flop. The 3Spade Suit gave ‘LooseChangee’ some extra outs, but none materialized on the river. The KSpade Suit secured the pot and the title for ‘POTtheRIVER’, while ‘LooseChangee’ earned $14,690 as the runner-up.

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table:

Place Player Earnings (Total)
1 ‘POTtheRIVER’ $27,593
2 ‘LooseChangee’ $14,690
3 Jason ‘sandjay’ Rivkin $9,945
4 ‘PA_iTiltHard’ $9,132
5 ‘PeachesParty’ $5,941
6 ‘Snacks22’ $4,468
7 ‘m1kecr0ss’ $4,407
8 ‘PineCreek’ $2,821
9 ‘bkellssc’ $2,120




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