PokerStars Player ‘angelovskiy’ wins $152k Deal Jackpot

One lucky player walked away with almost $75,000 after winning The Deal jackpot on PokerStars yesterday.

Player ‘angelovskiy’ managed to reach the Jackpot round, and their luck was in, scooping a five-figure jackpot.

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The Deal

The jackpot stood at a cool $152,861.67 and slowly grows until it is eventually claimed. After hitting the jackpot, ‘angelovskiy’ walked away with 50% of the jackpot. The remaining 50% is split among all players who has played The Deal within the past 12 hours.

PokerStars The Deal Jackpot angelovskiy

How It Works

Players will get dealt seven cards, face-down. You will choose two to discard leaving you with a five card poker hand.

You don’t have to opt in, just spin the wheel to win prizes even if you don’t make it to the Jackpot Round. For either 7 StarsCoin or 70 StarsCoin for higher value prizes, you can win more Starscoin and up to $250.

Royal Flush Jackpot Round Jackpot Round
Straight Flush $250 Jackpot Round
Four of a Kind $30 $300
Full House 500 StarsCoin $75
Flush 100 StarsCoin $25
Straight 50 StarsCoin $10
Three of a Kind 25 StarsCoin 300 StarsCoin
Two Pair 7 StarsCoin 70 StarsCoin
One Pair 2 StarsCoin 10 StarsCoin
Ace High 1 StarsCoin No prize

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