PokerNews Debate Series: Is Phil Hellmuth Only Good Against Bad Players?

The PokerNews Debate Series launched its first episode on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 with the series focusing on Sarah Herring moderating debates between PokerNews’ Mo Nuwwarah and Jason Glatzer about a variety of topics on the minds of those in the poker community.

The first episode of the PokerNews Debate Series focuses on whether Phil Hellmuth is only good against bad players with Nuwwarah being assigned “yes” while Glatzer was assigned to debate that he is good against good and bad players.

The topic is something many poker players have discussed in light of the highly-publicized High Stakes Duel II between Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu to take place live at PokerGo on March 31.

The PokerNews Debate Series would like to be known for taking a no-holds-barred approach and pulling no punches… this series kicked off with a great example of that philosophy.

Note: Debators were assigned their position on this issue and their comments do not necessarily reflect their opinions or that of PokerNews.

Time Stamps

Time Topic
00:00 Countdown to the debate
10:22 Sarah Herring introduces the show, its concept/structure, and this week’s topic
14:35 Herring introduces debators Mo Nuwwarah and Jason Glatzer
17:53 Nuwwarah debates why Hellmuth is only good against bad players
21:40 Glatzer debates why Hellmuth is good against good and bad players
26:10 Nuwwarah’s rebuttal to Glatzer’s points
30:46 Glatzer’s rebuttal to Nuwarrah’s points
35:40 Nuwwarah’s final points
36:45 Herring opens up Q&A
37:02 Is it neccesary to incorporate solvers into your game?
43:07 Do you believe in White Magic?
45:17 Is Hellmuth playing the schtik of the old man that doesn’t know what’s going on
49:25 Discussing Hellmuth’s hand against Polk where Polk folded second nuts
56:04 Responses to Barny Boatman’s comment “I’ve been eeking a living for decades out of the bogus dichotomy between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ players.”
59:10 Discussion of the frequent swapping of action in high stakes tournaments with small fields
01:04:07 Are tournaments Hellmuth’s bread and butter or is he also good at cash games
01:08:28 Is Hellmuth predictible?
01:12:20 Herring concludes show

Tell us who you want to hear from. Let us know what you think of the show — tweet about the podcast using #PNDebate, and be sure to follow Sarah Herring, Mo Nuwwarah, and Jason Glatzer.

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