Overlay Alert! GGPoker Global MILLION$ Looks Incredible Value

As poker players ourselves, PokerNews is always on the lookout for tournaments that stand out from the crowd, and the Global MILLION$ at GGPoker certainly does that.

The Global MILLION$ only costs $50 to enter, yet, for some unknown reason, perhaps out of the goodness of their hearts, GGPoker has slapped a massive $1 million guarantee on its prize pool. The $50 buy-in is actually $46+$4, which means 21,740 entrants are required to avoid an overlay. How many players had bought in when this article was penned? Only 6,831.

That number continues to grow with each Day 1 that runs, but it has some serious catching up to do if it wants to get anywhere near the required 22,000 runners. Sure, there are still a couple of dozen Day 1s to run before the final day on June 20 at 8:30 p.m., but some flights run at unholy hours to cater to GGPoker’s non-European customers, which means they are not attracting big numbers through the doors. While this is far from ideal for GGPoker, it is excellent for you because at least $1 million will be paid out regardless if the tournament gets enough entries or not.

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How Does The Global MILLION$ Work?

Buying into the Global MILLION$ event only sets you back $50, or less if you win your way in via one of the many satellites that start at a mere $1.50.

However you get your hands on a seat, you sit down with 10,000 chips and play to blinds starting at 50/100/12a. Those blinds increase every 10 minutes (every five minutes in Turbo Day 1s), late registration is available for the first 11 levels, and unlimited re-entries are permitted during late reg.

Each Day 1 concludes at the end of the 15th level. Anyone with even a single chip in front of them at this point progress to the Global MILLION$ Final Day at 8:30 p.m. BST on June 20.

If you are unhappy with how many chips you progressed to the final day with, you can play another Day 1. You can play as many Day 1s as you wish and as your bankroll allows, but only your largest stack is uploaded to the Final Day should you progress more than once.

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How Much Does The Global MILLION$ Pay It Champion?

With a $1 million guaranteed prize pool, it should not surprise you to learn the Global MILLION$ pays out some incredible prizes.

Last week’s tournament drew in a crowd of 16,052, which meant the players enjoyed an incredible $261,608 worth of overlay. You are starting to see why we’re telling you about this week’s event; you cannot afford to miss it.

Some 2,647 of those starters progressed to the Final Day, and exactly 1,700 received a slice of the $1 million prize pool. A min-cash weighed in at $162, with everyone at the final table walking away with a five-figure score. Well, almost everybody because “GuilhermeBoulos” outlasted them all and secured a mammoth-sized $102,940 first-place prize!

Place Player Country Prize
1 GuilhermeBoulos Brazil $102,940
2 Vanessa23 Austria $71,194
3 opener Israel $57,887
4 FreeZePeeDoe Germany $43,409
5 bruAAraujo Brazil $32,552
6 urconito Argentina $24,411
7 barracuda2 Cyprus $18,305
8 pluto_10 Austria $13,727
9 Oliver1688 Taiwan $10,294

Imagine turning $50 or less into a prize worth more than $100,000. Only you can make that happen.

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Claim Your $600 Welcome Bonus

Jump right into the next available Day 1 if you already have a GGPoker account. Those of you without an account can download GGPoker via PokerNews and enjoy a 100% match up to $600 bonus on your first deposit.

Furthermore, new depositing players can enjoy even more value via the GGPoker Honeymoon promotion. This runs for the first 30-days after creating your account and sees the site set you one challenge on each of those 30 days. Completing just three of them grants you a free $1 ticket to the Omaholic tournament.

Complete all 30 to receive $150 in cash. But wait, there is more because there are prizes awarded for completing 5, 7, 15, 20, and 25 challenges too. Complete the lot, and you get to keep all the other rewards you won along the way!

Number of Missions Completed Reward
3 1x $1 Omaholic ticket
5 $2.50 cash
7 1x $4 T$ Builder ticket
15 T$12.50
20 $20 cash
25 T$110
30 $150 cash

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