Nick Petrangelo Wins Stairway to Millions Event #7: $50k NLH ($567,000)

Down to one big blind, Nick Petrangelo spun a chip and a chair into a $567,000 tournament victory in the $52,000 buy-in seventh event of the Stairway to Millions series Wednesday afternoon.

Petrangelo reached his third final table in the series and then entered Event #8: $102,000 No-Limit Hold’em where he bagged the Day 1 chip lead. Just three players remain in the final Stairway to Millions tournament, with Sean Perry in second place and David Peters in third. Play will resume at 1 p.m. PT on the PokerGO app, and the winner will take home $1,026,000 in the 19-entrant event.

Should Petrangelo go back-to-back, he’ll surpass the $23 million mark lifetime. The Upswing Poker course instructor has already locked up his seventh straight seven-figure live tournament year (excluding 2020 due to the pandemic).

Stairway to Millions Event #7 Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Nick Petrangelo $567,000
2 Ali Imsirovic $315,000
3 Chris Brewer $168,000

Chip and a Chair

Shortly after registration closed on Tuesday, Petrangelo was down and nearly out the door in Event #7. He had just one chip left but was able to find a heater and finished the session among the final three players out of 21.

Ali Imsirovic, fresh off a dominant year of poker, had a large chip lead over Petrangelo and short stack Chris Brewer. But Petrangelo would once again bounce back from the deficit and dominate at the final table.

Brewer was eliminated in third place ($168,000) and then Petrangelo defeated Imsirovic heads-up, something few have been able to accomplish in the past year.

The series will wrap up Thursday with the $100k final table.

Stairway to Millions Schedule and Updated Results

Date Buy-In Guarantee Winner Prize Entries
Jan. 12 Event #1: $1,100 NLH $100,000 Daniel Sepiol $28,500 190
Jan. 13 Event #2: $2,150 NLH $100,000 Chance Kornuth $51,600 129
Jan. 14 Event #3: $4,200 NLH $100,000 Chance Kornuth $80,640 84
Jan. 15 Event #4: $8,400 NLH $200,000 Salim Admon $138,880 56
Jan. 16 Event #5: $15,800 NLH $300,000 Michael Wang $219,300 43
Jan. 17 Event #6: $25,100 NLH $500,000 Jake Schindler $287,500 25
Jan. 18 Event #7: 52,000 NLH $500,000 Nick Petrangelo $567,000 21
Jan. 19 Event #8: $102,000 NLH $1,200,000      

*Image courtesy of PokerGO.

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Jake Schindler Wins Stairway to Millions Event #6: $25,100 NLH ($287,500)

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