Master Classics of Poker Plans to Return to Holland Casino Amsterdam on Nov. 13-20

After a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the iconic Master Classics of Poker announced it plans to return for its 29th edition to Holland Casino Amsterdam on Nov. 13-20. The plans are pending a press conference of the national government on September 17 with organizers hoping that the 1.5-meter distance regulations will be lifted allowing not only for the festival to take place, but also allow Holland Casino to offer poker once again.

Holland Casino will make its final decision about the festival after the press conference including releasing this year’s schedule if the event is allowed to take place.

Director of Gaming & Services at Holland Casino Pieter Boers made the following announcement about the festival according to (translated from Dutch to English):

“We are very happy to finally be able to get back into poker. Even if it is still only with the planning and preparations. We can’t wait to finally be able to receive poker players again in Holland Casino after a year and a half. We had to cancel the 2020 edition of the Master Classics of Poker because of Corona. The health and safety of our guests and employees naturally came first. Nevertheless, we are now hopeful of organizing another Master Classics of Poker. In addition, we are also busy preparing for the reintroduction of the live poker offer in our branches. What the event will look like exactly and when and how we can offer live poker again.”

About the Master Classics of Poker

The Master Classics of Poker is one of the longest-standing poker festivals not only in Europe but around the world. The festival began with humble beginnings in 1992 with a small 7-card stud event won by a local poker player Eng Angh for ƒ18,600 (€8,749).

The following year, the Main Event switched to no-limit hold’em where it remains that day. British poker player Surinder Sunar won that event for ƒ41,800 (€19,661).

Dutch player Belinda Blokker won the Main Event in 1995 before there was a 16-year gap between the next Dutch winner in David Boyaciyan in 2011. The Dutch have had better success in the Main Event during the past decade with Noah Boeken (2013), Ruben Visser (2014), Alberto Stegeman (2018), and defending champion Kevin Paqué (2019) all hoisting the trophy.

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Master Classics of Poker Main Event Champions (1992-2019)

Year Winner Country Entries Buy-in Top Prize
2019 Kevin Paqué Netherlands 346 €4,300 €260,878
2018 Alberto Stegeman Netherlands 293 €4,300 €240,183
2017 Claas Segebrecht Germany 285 €4,300 €235,087
2016 Abdelhakim Zoufri Netherlands 356 €4,250 €275,608
2015 Jussi Nevanlinna Finland 291 €4,250 €300,000
2014 Ruben Visser Netherlands 298 €4,250 €225,000*
2013 Noah Boeken Netherlands 298 €4,250 €306,821
2012 Ole Schemion Germany 212 €5,250 €286,200
2011 David Boyaciyan Netherlands 294 €5,000 €382,200
2010 Marcel Bjerkmann Norway 249 €6,000 €403,380
2009 Kristoffer Thorsson Sweden 342 €6,200 €636,120
2008 Jan Sorensen Denmark 335 €6,200 €623,100
2007 Trond Eidsvig Norway 428 €5,100 €620,600
2006 Ali Jalali Germany 345 €5,000 €700,000
2005 Thomas Middelthon Norway 264 €5,000 €528,000
2004 Robert Mizrachi United States 188 €5,000 €372,240
2003 Johan Storakers Sweden 205 €3,020 €243,540
2002 Angelo Yu China 198 €3,020 €168,000
2001 Graham Hiew United Kingdom 170 ƒ5,040 ƒ336,600
2000 Steve Liu United Kingdom 159 ƒ5,000 ƒ314,820
1999 Ram Vaswani United Kingdom 135 ƒ5,000 ƒ276,300
1998 Asher Derei United Kingdom 125 ƒ5,000 ƒ247,500
1997 Bjorn Janson Germany 90 ƒ5,000 ƒ178,200
1996 Mike Magee Ireland 122 ƒ1,000 ƒ80,360
1995 Belinda Blokker Netherlands 96 ƒ1,000 ƒ84,909
1994 G Hawass Unknown   ƒ1,075 ƒ56,050
1993 Surinder Sunar United Kingdom   ƒ2,000 ƒ41,800
1992 Eng Angh Netherlands   ƒ1,000 ƒ18,600

*denotes a three-way deal

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