Manuel Ruivo Leads Ahead of WPT500 Day 2 on partypoker

The World Poker Tour has returned to partypoker with the WPT500 festival with 25 numbered events from March 7-25.

Two of the events boast tasty $1 million guarantees for a buy-in of $530 including the WPT #01: WPT 500 on March 7-16 and the WPT #13: WPT500 Knockout on March 15-23.

Manuel Ruivo unseeded Day 1g chip leader Gediminas Uselis to snag the overally chip lead in the WPT #01: WPT 500 after virtually bagging a huge stack of 13,383,142 (191 big blinds) during last night’s Day 1h.

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Manuel Ruivo Leads the partypoker WPT500

The WPT500 has already eclipsed its lofty $1 million guarantee with 2,140 entrants coming into action during the first eight opening flights to generate a $1,070,000 prize pool.

The prize pool will continue to grow with a Turbo Day 1 taking place on Monday, March 15 at 5:05 p.m. GMT or three hours just before the start of Day 2 at 8:05 p.m. GMT. The Turbo flight will feature six-minute blind levels instead of the usual 12-minute levels featured on all of the other opening flights. Otherwise, it features the same structure as the other Day 1s with 15 percent of the field advancing to Day 2.

A total of 322 entrants and counting have advanced to Day 2 where the structure will feature longer 16-minute blind levels starting with blinds at 35,000/70,000/8,750a. The day will conclude when the field is whittled down to just a nine-player final table with that set to play out the following day on Tuesday, March 16 at 8:05 p.m. GMT.

Yesterday’s Day 1h was the biggest opening thus far in the event with 691 entrants getting into the action. Portugal’s Manuel Ruivo, playing at partypoker under a Dutch flag, not only led the 104 survivors after ending the day with 13,383,142 in chips but as we already mentioned in the intro also overtook Day 1g chip leader Gediminas Uselis (11,129,628) for the overall chip lead.

Three other players cracked the overall top ten in chip counts from yesterday’s Day 1h including Dylan Rowe (9,309,495), Julien Perouse (9,225,340), and Corentin Ropert (8,734,989).

Also near the top of the leaderboard to start Day 2 were Day 1a chip leader Roman Matveichuk (10,131,678), Pedro Jorge (9,508,747), Day 1d chip leader Richard O’Neill (9,307,700), Day 1f chip leader Thomas Clucas (9,256,645), and Gustavo Mastelotto (9,130,880).

WPT500 Top Ten Leaderboard

Place Player Country Flight Qualified Chips Big Blinds
1 Manuel Soares Ruivo Netherlands Day 1h 13,383,142 191
2 Gediminas Uselis Lithuania Day 1g 11,129,298 159
3 Roman Matveichuk Russia Day 1a 10,131,678 145
4 Pedro Jorge Malta Day 1a 9,508,747 136
5 Dylan Glen Rowe New Zealand Day 1h 9,309,495 133
6 Richard O’Neill Ireland Day 1d 9,307,700 133
7 Thomas Clucas United Kingdom Day 1f 9,256,645 132
8 Julien Perouse Canada Day 1h 9,225,340 132
9 Gustavo Mastelotto Brazil Day 1a 9,130,880 130
10 Corentin Ropert United Kingdom Day 1h 8,734,989 125

Kristen Bicknell Leads the partypoker Ambassadors

Kristen Bicknell
Kristen Bicknell

The partypoker Ambassadors got into the WPT500 in full force with Kristen Bicknell thus far performing the best after bagging 4,302,313 in chips into today’s Day 2.

Three other partypoker Ambassadors will join Bicknell on Day 2 with shorter stacks including Matthew Staples (2,474,898), Dzmitry Urbanovich (2,271,164), and Patrick Leonard (1,592,924).

The rest of the partypoker Ambassadors will still have one final chance to get into Day 2 during today’s final turbo opening flight.

Place Player Country Chips Big Blinds
91 Kristen Bicknell Canada 4,302,313 61
185 Matthew Staples Canada 2,474,898 35
192 Dzmitry Urbanovich Latvia 2,271,164 32
247 Patrick Leonard United Kingdom 1,592,924 23

$1M Gtd WPT500 Knockout Begins Today

While you still have one last chance to get into the WPT500, another $1 million guaranteed event featuring a $530 buy-in is on our doorsteps with the WPT500 Knockout kicking off the first of its eight opening flights at 8:05 p.m. GMT.

Although there is one less opening flight in this event than the ongoing WPT500, the structure is identically the same with the first seven opening flights boasting 12-minute levels and the final opening flighted featuring a faster-paced six-minute blind levels.

A total of 15 percent of each opening flight will advance to Day 2 on Monday, March 22 with the final table scheduled the following day on Tuesday, March 23.

Date Time (GMT) Tournament
March 15 8:05 p.m. WPT #13 WPT500 Knockout Day 1A: $1M Gtd
March 16 8:05 p.m. WPT #13 WPT500 Knockout Day 1B: $1M Gtd
March 17 8:05 p.m. WPT #13 WPT500 Knockout Day 1C: $1M Gtd
March 18 8:05 p.m. WPT #13 WPT500 Knockout Day 1D: $1M Gtd
March 19 8:05 p.m. WPT #13 WPT500 Knockout Day 1E: $1M Gtd
March 20 8:05 p.m. WPT #13 WPT500 Knockout Day 1F: $1M Gtd
March 21 8:05 p.m. WPT #13 WPT500 Knockout Day 1G: $1M Gtd
March 22 5:05 p.m. WPT #13 WPT500 Knockout Day 1H Turbo: $1M Gtd
  8:05 p.m. WPT #13 WPT500 Day 2: $1M Gtd
March 23 8:05 p.m. WPT #13 WPT500 Knockout Final Table

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