“kapsikorn” Wins Largest EVER GGPoker Spin & Gold Jackpot

Did you have a good weekend? Well we know someone who did.

GGPoker player kapsikorn bagged themselves a cool $1,000,000 after winning the largest Spin & Gold jackpot ever on the site.

Playing in a $100 Spin & Gold kapsikorn hit a 20,000x multiplier, generating a prize pool of $2 million. They then won the three-handed tournament to walk away with the seven-figure jackpot.

Place Player Payout (USD)
1 kapsikorn $1,000,000
2 King Ghidorah $600,000
3 [email protected] $400,000

There were also healthy prizes for second- and third-place finishers King Ghidorah ($600,000) and [email protected] ($400,000).

Spin & Gold on GGPoker

Launched in 2020, Spin & Gold tournaments are GGPoker’s version of the immensely popular three-handed jackpot sit & gos that are a mainstay on other online poker sites.

Spin & Gold Strategy

If you want to follow in the footsteps of kapsikorn, there is plenty of poker strategy tips for your right here on PokerNews. If you’re looking for the best Spin & Gold strategy advice, you can click here to find out how to win the big multipliers when they come your way!

There are five important pieces of advice when it comes to three-handed jackpot sit & go tournaments like Spin & Gold. Keep them in mind the next time you’re at the GGPoker tables and who knows, maybe you could be walking away with a huge seven-figure jackpot as well!

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  • Vary Your Aggression: Capitalize on sloppy play on “boring” 2x multipliers
  • Play to Win: Aim for the top in winner-takes-all prize pools
  • Focus on the Small Multipliers: Make these the focus of your Spin & Gold grind
  • Work on Your Push-Fold Strategy: Know your ranges in this hyper-turbo format
  • Bankroll Management: Have a proper number of buy-ins if you’re looking to grind Spin & Gold tournaments

Dan Bilzerian’s Battle Royale Becomes Latest GGPoker Poker Format

GGPoker Spin & Gold

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How to Win BIG Spin & Gold Multipliers on GGPoker
How to Win BIG Spin & Gold Multipliers on GGPoker

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