Joe McKeehen Wins USPO Event #3: $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em ($200,200)

Joe McKeehen entered the final table of the U.S. Poker Open Event #3: $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em with the chip lead and went wire-to-wire en route to victory for $200,200 in a dominating performance where he eliminated all but one player at the final table including defeating both Ray Qartomy and Ali Imsirovic in a three-way pot during the last hand of the event.

McKeehen is one of the biggest names in poker with more than $17 million in live tournament earnings and three WSOP gold bracelets including notorious shipping the 2015 WSOP Main Event for $7,683,346 and has now made a big footprint into the High Roller’s scene with yesterday’s impressive victory.

The final table, which took place at the PokerGO Studio at the ARIA Resort & Casino was broadcasted to poker fans around the world at the subscription based PokerGO.

Remember, an annual subscription to PokerGO costs $99.99, but you can save $20 off by using promo code “USPO21” at checkout. Sign up by going here.

Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Joe McKeehen United States $200,200
2 Ray Qartomy United States $146,300
3 Ali Imsirovic Bosnia and Herzegovina $100,100
4 Steve Zolotow United States $77,000
5 Jake Schindler United States $61,600
6 Justin Saliba United States $46,200
7 Barry Hutter United States $38,500

Final Table Action

McKeehen began the day with a massive chip with Imsirovic not too far behind. Stacks were shallow throughout with the final table kicking off with an average stack of approximately 23 big blinds.

Barry Hutter, who finished in third place for $114,000 in Event #1, didn’t manage to get anything going in Event #3. Hutter committed most of his short stack with jack-ten with the rest going in on a jack-high flop. McKeehen called with cowboys and eliminated Hutter in seventh place for $38,500 after blanks came on the turn and river.

Justin Saliba was next to go in sixth place for $46,200 when he unsuccessfully jammed his short-stack with king-five suited from the small blind and didn’t hold against McKeehen’s jack-nine from the big blind.

Jake Schindler was the only player eliminated by someone other than McKeehen at the final table. Instead, Imsirovic took Schindler out in fifth place for $61,600 when his ace-ten held against jack-nine suited.

Steve Zolotow was short on chips when he jammed nine-five suited and was ousted in fourth place for $77,000 after he didn’t improve against McKeehen’s king-eight.

The final two hands provided tons of action. First, Qartomy doubled up and left Imsirovic with just a single big blind with his fours winning a flip against ace-nine.

Imsirovic (third – $100,100) committed his one big blind in the next hand with ten-six. McKeehen, with most of the chips in play, woke up with jacks and made a raise. Qartomy (second – $146,300) then jammed with fives and McKeehen called both his opponents. Not only did the jacks hold, but they improved to quads for a spectacular end to Event #3.

Sean Perry Leads the Final 6 in the USPO Event #4: $10,000 Big Bet Mix

Sean Perry
Sean Perry leads USPO Event #4

The USPO Event #4: $10,000 Big Bet Mix is one of the more unique events to take place during the 2021 U.S. Poker Open at the PokerGO Studio at the ARIA Resort & Casino as it features a rotation of games between no-limit hold’em, pot-limit Omaha, and no-limit 2-7 single-draw.

Stephen Chidwick won the inaugural USPO Big Bet Mix in 2018 before David Peters claimed the title in 2019.

Neither Chidwick, who finished in 11th place, nor Peters, who didn’t enter, will become this year’s champion. Instead, its Sean Perry in the driver’s seat heading into Monday’s final table of six player with a chip-leading stack of 2,055,000.

The table status for Perry is even more impressive when taking into account Poker Central reporting that Perry chattered all day about how he had no clue how to play 2-7 single-draw.

Maxx Coleman (1,715,000) and Alex Foxen (1,075,000) were the only two other players to bag seven-figure stacks with Jim Collopy (495,000), John Riordan (365,000), and Brian Okin (295,000) advancing as the short stacks.

Event #4 Final Table Seat Draw

Seat Player Country Chips Big Blinds
1 Alex Foxen United States 1,075,000 54
2 Maxx Coleman United States 1,715,000 86
3 Brian Okin United States 295,000 15
4 John Riordan United States 365,000 18
5 Sean Perry United States 2,055,000 103
6 Jim Collopy United States 495,000 25
Total     6,000,000 300
Average     1,000,000 50

Action of the Day

Event #3 attracted 48 entries to generate a $480,000 prize pool with seven players getting paid at least a min-cash of $19,200.

Ali Imsirovic finished in third place in Event #3 and quickly entered the action in Event #4. He ran out of gas near the end of the day in ninth place to the hands of Riordan after his draw in 2-7 single draw paired up his hand.

The money bubble burst after Majid Yahyaei unsuccessfully jammed his short stack with king-jack and didn’t hold against Perry’s eight-seven during a round of no-limit hold’em. Instead of advancing to the final day, Yahyaei collected a $19,200 min-cash.

The unofficial final table was set-up and Perry was at it once again to send Jeremy Ausmus to the rail in seventh place for $19,200. Ausmus was ahead before the draw with seven-high to Perry’s nine-high. However, Perry drew better than Ausmus and the official final table was set.

Where to Watch the Final Table?

The final six players will return to the PokerGo Studios on June 7 with the action expected to begin at 3 p.m. EDT. PokerGO will live stream what promises to be some of the most exciting poker action of the year beginning at 4 p.m. EDT.

Remember, an annual subscription to PokerGO costs $99.99, but you can save $20 off by using promo code “USPO21” at checkout. Sign up by going here.

Final Table Payouts

The six players are guaranteed at least a $28,800 payout with the eventual winner slated to take home a whopping $163,200 top prize.

Place Prize
1 $163,200
2 $105,600
3 $72,000
4 $52,800
5 $38,400
6 $28,800

2021 U.S. Poker Open Championship Standings

Jake Daniels
Jake Daniels leads the 2021 USPO Leaderboard

Jake Daniels leads the 2021 U.S. Poker Open Championship Leaderboard after three events thanks to his victory in Event #1 for $218,500.

Meanwhile, after emerging victorious in Event #3, Joe McKeehen catapulted past Event #2 winner Sam Soverel into second place in the standings. Steven Zolotow and Barry Hutter also entered the top five on the leaderboard after their final table appearance in Event #3.

Rank Player Points Wins Cashes Earnings
1 Jake Daniels 219 1 1 $218,500
2 Joe McKeehen 200 1 1 $200,200
3 Sam Soverel 195 1 2 $194,500
4 Steve Zolotow 153 0 2 $153,000
5 Barry Hutter 153 0 2 $152,500
6 Dan Shak 152 0 1 $152,000
7 Ray Qartomy 146 0 1 $146,300
8 Jordan Cristos 130 0 1 $130,000
9 Ali Imsirovic 100 0 1 $100,100
10 Stephen Chidwick 95 0 1 $95,000

*Images courtesy of Poker Central

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