Get to Know GGPoker Speed Racer Bounty Tournaments

Here at PokerNews we’re always on the look out for exciting tournament variants that are around, and we think we found one.

Speed Racer tournaments on GGPoker are fast. But they’re slow… Well they’re fast and slow. Read on and find out more!

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Speed Racer Bounty

You start every Speed Racer Bounty tournament with ten big blinds. However, the first level is 20 minutes long. Giving you plenty of time to win some flips, earn some bounties and build up your stack. But you’d better do it quick, because the levels that follow are just two minutes long!

Event Buy-in Bounty Guarantee
Speed Racer Bounty $2.10 $1 Up to $600
  $3.15 $1.50 Up to $1,500
  $5.25 $2.50 Up to $1,500
  $10.50 $5 Up to $2,000
  $12.60 $6 Up to $1,200

Speed Racer Bounty tournaments start from just $2.10 with guarantees of up to $600, but go all the way up to $12.60. Head to the GGPoker client to check them out for yourself!

GGPoker Speed Racer Omaholic

And don’t think we forgot about you four-card fans! There’s a special Speed Racer Omaholic for you in the GGPoker client as well. It works in exactly the same way as the Speed Racer Bounty tournaments, except it plays as a progressive bounty, with players receiving at least $2.50 for each player eliminated.

Every time a player is eliminated, 50% of their current bounty is awarded to the player who eliminated them, and the remaining 50% is added to that player’s bounty.

Event Buy-in Guarantee
Speed Racer Omaholic $10.50 $500

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Good luck!

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