Game Developer Innovations In Classic Casino Card Games

Online casinos have risen in popularity in the last couple of decades thanks to the huge number of games and interactive interfaces. From the inception of online gaming till now, significant improvements have been made to improve gameplay. These improvements were facilitated by the advancement of technology that plays a crucial role in the industry.

The main challenge throughout the process was how to make online casino games interactive and similar to land-based casinos. Despite these challenges, new technologies have completely revolutionized classic card games. This article provides insights into some technologies. Also, one game that uses these technologies has been included.

OCR Software

Optical Character Recognition, or simply OCR, is used for different purposes. For instance, the technology helps police forces and traffic control read licence plates from vehicles. OCR, in its essence, converts an image into readable data. Its application in the gaming industry allows the identification of different playing equipment.

The tech is used by online casinos to identify card suits or track the number of dealings, especially in live games. Furthermore, it can also identify the symbols on a certain card and inform the casino or player. Not only is the technology used in card games but also roulette. It can track the numbers on the rotating roulette wheels.

Powerful Cameras

Since the discovery of digital cameras, their functionality is becoming incredibly powerful thanks to innovation. This advancement in camera qualities has been used to their full potential by different live casinos. Multiple cameras placed in different parts of the studio give a full 360 view of cards. Furthermore, users can choose different angles.

A fair classic card game involves properly shuffling the cards before dealing them. Camera tricks can create an illusion of shuffled cards especially if only certain camera angles are left out. Powerful cameras solve this problem by ensuring that players get to see everything that is happening at all times.

Studio Monitors

Although monitors or screens are relatively not a new thing, the quality of images from screens keeps improving. Different techniques are being used to create high-definition and refined graphics. These monitors play a crucial role in the technology used by live casinos. Players are now able to see all the different parts of their gaming environment.

Monitors and screens give both the player and dealer a chance to keep an eye on every action of the game. This includes the bets, messages and winning numbers. Well-equipped live casinos have good quality displays to give instant feedback on what is happening during a card game.

Game Control Unit

Every aspect of a live gaming experience has to be tied together for a better gaming experience. This involves incorporating the different technologies including the ones stated above. The task is accomplished using the Game Control Unit (GCU). The GCU takes care of all encoding processes that ensure the game reaches the player.

Encoding processes include the delivery of optimum clarity pictures with zero or minimal delays. This is vital for both the casino dealer and the players at large. The casino dealer will be able to see bets from the players and adjust accordingly. Similarly, players access the casino and place their bets on time without any delays. All live casinos include the GCU to provide a smooth streaming service.

Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

Blackjack is one of the most played games around the world. Although the game is fun, there is a limited number of players allowed. Thanks to innovations in live casino technology, Evolution Gaming created the Infinite Blackjack game. Different from the original, the game can host an unlimited number of players with a limited amount of cards.

The game uses digital cards that can be identified using the OCR technology making it infinitely scalable. Players from different locations are dealt with two communal cards. After that, players can decide to either hit or stand independently. This game has been made possible by the advancement in technology and more are set to come in the future.

Final Thoughts

Technology is always improving and becoming more powerful with time. Live casinos are therefore evolving with the technological world. Apart from the technologies named above, there are other technologies set to revolutionize the gaming industry. These technologies include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR). Soon, you can visit an online casino via a VR headset and enjoy available live games as if you’re actually there in person!




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