Five Former Champions Reach latest Super MILLION$ Final Table

Check out the stacked final table of the latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ if you have any doubts that this event is online poker’s premium offering. It is jam-packed with the best poker tournament talent the game has to offer, with no less than five former Super MILLION$ champions present and correct.

Super MILLION$ Season 2 Ep. 3 Final Table Chips Counts

Place Player Country Chips Big Blinds
1 FiestaPagana Norway 3,550,582 101.4
2 Benjamin Rolle Austria 2,712,616 77.5
3 Wiktor Malinowski Macau 1,894,265 54.1
4 Isaac Haxton Canada 1,593,134 45.5
5 llyybbww China 1,406,600 40.2
6 Daniel Dvoress Canada 945,131 27
7 Marius Gierse Austria 704,336 20.1
8 houzhumi888 Canada 568,246 16.2
9 Adrian Mateos Mexico 525,090 15

“FiestaPagana” finds themselves in the envious position of chip leader going into the star-studded nine-handed final table. The Norway-based star has won more than $3.7 million from GGPoker tournaments and is eight eliminations from adding another $302,053 to their impressive total.

The chip leader finished seventh in this event back in October 2020. That was their only final table appearance in the Super MILLION$ until today.

Benjamin Rolle is one of the five former champions at this final table. Rolle is guaranteed to break through $3 million in GGPoker winnings regardless of where he finishes today. The Austrian won this event on January 31, 2021, and walked away with $424,581. Rolle will definitely be in the mix when today’s biggest prizes are awarded.

Watch This Star-Studded Final Table Unfold

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The man in third place at the restart is none other than Wiktor Malinowski. Everyone knows the Macau-based star for his cash game prowess, but he is also a dab hand at tournament poker too. Malinowski finished second in late February 2021 and scooped $349,222. He made up for that bridesmaid finish a week later by taking down the Super MILLION$ for $394,852. His loose style of play will be a joy to watch during GGPoker’s Twitch coverage later this evening.

Super MILLION$ Season 2 Ep. 3 Final Table Payouts

Place Prize
1 $302,053
2 $235,891
3 $184,221
4 $143,869
5 $112,355
6 $87,745
7 $68,525
8 $53,515
9 $41,793

Team partypoker’s member Isaac Haxton returns to the action with enough chips for fourth place. Haxton, who won this event on July 7, 2020, has a shade over 45 big blinds in his stack. That stack is less than half of the chip leader’s, but no other player at the final table analyzes the action as in-depth as Haxton. If Haxton does not win today, he will have a significant influence over who does.

China’s “llyybbww” is loving life right now. Not only have they locked up $41,793 and is guaranteed their best-ever GGPoker score, but they also won their seat into this event from a $1,050 satellite. Should they manage to finish fourth or better, they are guaranteed to at least quadruple their GGPoker winnings!

Sixth place at the start of the final table with 27 big blinds at his disposal is Daniel Dvoress. The Canadian would have prefered to have more chips, but the wily pro knows how to build stacks in major tournaments. This is the eighth time Dvoress has graced the Super MILLION$ final table with his presence. One of those finals resulted in an outright victory worth $394,853. Do not write off his chances of glory today.

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Marius Gierse is back for more, having finished in sixth place last week. Gierse collected more than $66,000 in the previous Super MILLION$, and has the chance to lock in what would be his third six-figure prize from this tournament alone. He needs a little help to do that because he would need fifth-place or better and sits down at this final table seventh in chips.

If llyybbww is enjoying themselves after winning their seat for $1,050, imagine how Canada’s “houzhumi888” feels because they have reached the final table of the Super MILLION$ after qualifying for only $108! That $108 is now worth at least $41,793, and it is not outside the realms of possibility that the Canadian will walk away with an even more substantial haul. They have a lot of work ahead of them, with them nursing a 16.2 big blind stack, but at least their early decision-making should be much more straightforward.

Adrian Mateos is the man bringing up the rear when play resumes at 6:00 p.m. BST on July 6. This is the seventh time Mateos has found himself at the Super MILLION$ final table, and he hopes to turn his 15 big blind stack into what would be his second win. Mateos won this event on March 28, 2021, and finished fourth just a couple of weeks ago. Can he turn around his flagging fortunes tonight?

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