Daily Grind: Check Out the GG Spring Festival Monster Stack

The PokerNews The Daily Grind is the place to come every day to see what the best online poker sites are offering, and what events their festivals have in store today!

You have the WPTDeepStacks on 888poker as well as the conclusions to the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) on PokerStars, the partypoker Powerfest and of course the $150M GTD GG Spring Festival on GGPoker.

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Monster Stack Events Highlight GG Spring Festival

Today on GGPoker you have three different buy-in levels of Monster Stack with combined guarantees of over $400,000. You can get involved with the Monster Stack for as little as $5!

There are also Daily Main Events with generous six-figure guarantees, so there’s something for everyone on GGPoker

Date Time (BST) Event Guarantee
April 21st 16:05 H-86: $525 Monster Stack $250,000
  16:05 M-86: $50 Monster Stack $150,000
  16:05 L-86: $5 Monster Stack $20,000
  18:05 H-87: $1,050 High Rollers Main Event $500,000
  18:05 M-87: $250 Daily Main Event $300,000
  18:05 L-87: $25 Mini Main Event $100,000
  19:05 H-88: $2,100 Bounty $600,000
  19:05 M-88: $210 Bounty $200,000
  19:05 L-88: $21 Bounty $75,000
  21:05 H-89: $1,050 PLO-NL Bounty Hyper $50,000
  21:05 M-89: $210 PLO-NL Bounty Hyper $20,000
  21:05 L-89: $52.50 PLO-NL Bounty Hyper $10,000

WPTDS on 888poker

The WPTDeepStacks continues on 888poker with the Crazy 8 tournaments. There is also another Day 1 of the $1,000,000 Gtd Event #16 with satellites now running in the 888poker client.

Date Time (BST) Event Guarantee
April 21st 18:00 WPT DS #7: $440 DS Crazy 8 $100,000
  18:00 WPT DS #8: $88 Mini Crazy 8 $30,000
  18:30 WPT DS #16: $1,050 Event Day 1 $1,000,000

Mixed Games Today on PokerStars

We’re taking some time away from NLHE today – although there are plenty of NLHE tournaments on PokerStars – and looking at the HORSE and Badugi tournaments.

Don’t worry if you’re not a HORSE expert, you can head to the PokerNews strategy section to brush up!

Date Time (BST) Event Guarantee
April 21st 17:05 SCOOP 76-H: $1,050 HORSE $85,000
  17:05 SCOOP 76-L: $11 HORSE $25,000
  17:05 SCOOP 76-M: $109 HORSE $50,000
  18:05 SCOOP 77-H: $5,200 NLHE [High Roller] $1,000,000
  18:05 SCOOP 77-L: $55 NLHE $350,000
  18:05 SCOOP 77-M: $530 NLHE $800,000
  19:15 SCOOP 78-H: $1,050 FL Badugi [6-Max] $50,000
  19:15 SCOOP 78-L: $11 FL Badugi [6-Max] $10,000
  19:15 SCOOP 78-M: $109 FL Badugi [6-Max] $25,000
  20:30 SCOOP 79-H: $1,050 NLHE [Progressive KO] $300,000
  20:30 SCOOP 79-L: $11 NLHE [Progressive KO] $50,000
  20:30 SCOOP 79-M: $109 NLHE [Progressive KO] $200,000

Bold denotes events Live Reported on PokerNews

partypoker Powerfest

There’s plenty going on at partypoker with the Powerfest, including three different buy-ins of Turbo Knockout for players to jump into.

There’s also the third starting flight of the Big Fifty Knockout that comes with a $500,000 guarantee.

Date Time (BST) Event Guarantee
April 21st 19:05 Powerfest #22: $530 Turbo Knockout $100,000
  19:05 Powerfest #22: $55 Mini Turbo Knockout $75,000
  19:05 Powerfest #22: $5.50 Micro Turbo Knockout $7,500
  20:05 Powerfest #18: $55 The Big Fifty Knockout Day 1C $500,000

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Get Ready for GGPoker’s Biggest Spring Series Ever!

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