Big Scores at 888poker as ChampionChip Series Kicks Off

The ChampionChip series shuffled up and dealt at 888poker on August 8, and the first three of 25 scheduled events crowned their champions. Canada won the first gold medal, with Ukrainians locking in the top prizes of both the second and third events.

Event #1: $30,000 Opening Ceremony Final Table Results

Event #1: $30,000 Opening Ceremony attracted 1,053 unique players who re-entered 321 times, creating a guarantee-busting prize pool of $41,220. All but three of the nine finalists turned their $33 into four-figure scores, “fastfingers,” “OMEGAlodon,” and “Pavanatto23” being the trio who busted from the final table first/

“RandomFX01” of the United Kingdom fell in sixth for $1,310, and was joined on the rail by “dozent444,” “Sonnenlaufer,” and “craigaces21.”

The elimination of the latter left “PV481777” heads-up against “donkeybabe99” and the battle went donkeybabe99’s way, resulting in $6,022 making its way to their 888poker account. The runner-up scooped the $4,402 consolation prize.

(Place Player Country Prize*
1 donkeybabe99 Canada $6,022
2 PV4817777 Russia $4,402
3 craigaces21 United Kingdom $3,235
4 Sonnenlaufer   $2,378
5 dozent44 Germany $1,760
6 RandomFX01 United Kingdom $1,310
7 Pavanatto23 Brazil $985
8 OMEGAlodon Germany $746
9 fastfingers Ireland $568

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Event #2: $7,500 High Jump (R&A) Final Table Results

The first rebuy event of the ChampionChip series was the $7,500 Gtd High Jump, a $5.50 buy-in affair that saw 581 players purchase 347 rebuys and 235 add-ons.

Ukrainian “DorianMD” was the last man standing in this event, which meant they walked away with the tournament’s only four-figure prize, namely $1,297. Runner-up “MATZE_176” almost won $1,000+ but second-place prize money weighed in at $946.

(Place Player Country Prize*
1 DorianMD Ukraine $1,297
2 MATZE_176 Germany $946
3 efe58 Germany $691
4 Restllss Austria $504
5 Stegnat365 United Kingdom $371
6 Denstronk Russia $275
7 kachumba Argentina $204
8 fishANchips1 United Kingdom $152
9 Zhuk_V Ukraine $114

Event #3: $3,000 Triple Jump (Extended R&A) Final Table Results

Event #3: $3,000 Triple Jump drew in 467 unique players who took full advantage of the extended rebuy format to purchase 761 rebuys, and 107 add-ons.

Everyone at the final table turned their $2.20 investment into at least $46, with all but three winning three-figure prizes. Heads-up pitted “dolphin15” of Ukraine against British grinder “PumpkinKing” and the Ukrainian got their hands on the title of champion plus $548 in prize money.

(Place Player Country Prize*
1 dolphin15 Ukraine $548
2 PumpkinKing United Kingdom $397
3 dockers88 United Kingdom $288
4 Brunsonskid   $210
5 AAfeliksAA Russia $155
6 aimtj   $114
7 _dejmohito_   $84
8 oskarpoker21 Lebanon $62
9 donhenry23 Germany $46

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$100,000 Big Shot High Roller Final Table Results

It was not only the ChampionChip series that took place at 888poker this weekend, because the Big Shot tournaments crowned their champions too.

The Big Shot High Roller drew in 42 players in total (12 re-entries) and dished out its $100,000 between the top five finishers.

Jack “JBHInfinity” Hardcastle was the first player to cash, his fifth-place finish was worth $8,000. 888poker ambassador Dominik “888Dominik” Nitsche banked $10,000 with “algsxr” securing a $15,000 payout.

Rodrigo “seijistar1” Seiji and Canada’s “Zebest7r” fought one-on-one for the title and the lion’s share of the prize pool. Zebest7r defeated his final opponent and saw $40,000 hit his 888poker account. Seiji’s second-place finish came with a $27,000 reward.

(Place Player Country Prize*
1 Zebest7r Canada $40,000
2 Rodrigo “seijistar1” Seiji Brazil $27,000
3 algsxr Canada $15,000
4 Dominik “888Dominik” Nitsche United Kingdom $10,000
5 Jack “JBHInfinity” Hardcastle United Kingdom $8,000

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$50,000 Big Shot 525 Final Table Results

Ninety-three players competed in the Big Shot 525 event and Morocco’s “iman888” outlasted them all. Victory came with a bankroll-boosting payout of $14,000, the event’s only five-figure prize.

Winning this event was an achievement in its own right but all the more impressive because iman888 had to contend with former WSOP Main Event champion Martin “MJacobson888” Jacobson at the final table. Jacobson ran out of steam in fourth-place for $4,800.

(Place Player Country Prize*
1 iman888 Morocco $14,000
2 toastmanQ   $9,350
3 R2Rka Ukraine$6,600  
4 Martin “MJacobson888” Jacobson United Kingdom $4,800
5 WAFAL Denmark $3,500
6 AlwaysTimed   $2,625
7 Patrizio888 Germany $2,125
8 EtEslAben Denmark $1,750
9 OnlyBet Cyprus $1,500

$150,000 Big Shot 109 Main Event Final Table Results

Romanian “VL1fish3BV” triumphed in the Big Shot 109 Main Event to turn his $109 into $21,915. The bumper prize was courtesy of a substantial crowd of 1,352 buying in.

Two other players padded their bankrolls with five-figure prizes. Runner-up “1x1dinis” was one of them; they netted $16,020. Third-place finisher “aDvanceDminD” was the other, the Brazilian reeling in an $11,775 score.

(Place Player Country Prize*
1 VL1fish3BV Romania $21,915
2 1x1dinis Russia $16,020
3 aDvanceDminD Brazil $11,775
4 Ya2ecoles Ireland $8,655
5 Blondal Denmark $6,405
6 maustrapcik Andorra $4,770
7 dmnin Malta $3,585
8 p0keralh0   $2,715
9 LeoJoseCarne Brazil $2,070

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