5 Tips When Playing Blackjack Online For Real Money To Make A Living

If you’ve been playing online blackjack for some time now, you must be feeling pretty good about your skills. That feeling might get you to take a step in a new direction and try making a living from your favorite casino game. And that’s entirely possible as blackjack is not a challenging game to master. Even if you’re a beginner, there’s a pretty good chance of making it big by playing blackjack.

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That’s why our blackjack experts have made a shortlist of the top 5 tips that will help you play blackjack and make a living out of it. If you’re interested in finding out more, read on.

1) Find A Good Table

Before you pick a good table, you should note these two important rules:

  • Pick a table that pays 3:2 for blackjack.
  • Pick a table where the dealer stands on a soft 17.

If you’re a new player, following these two rules is enough. Even if you cannot find a table where the dealer stands on a soft 17, you can simply make sure you follow through on the first rule. That’s important because the house edge becomes larger when the payout is 6:5.

The difference between the dealer standing or hitting on a soft 17 isn’t that big. Casinos with several blackjack tables will surely have at least one table that follows both rules.

If you have more experience with blackjack, you should also find games with other good rules involving surrender, doubling on as many totals as possible, doubling after splitting, and splitting multiple times.

2) Learn The Basic Strategy

If you want to play online blackjack for money, one of the essential things you need to do is learn the basic strategy. Understanding the basic strategy will help you build a strong foundation that will enable you to sustain yourself by playing blackjack as long as you want.

The basic blackjack strategy is a simple chart that outlines all the possible hands in the game. This chart will tell you what to do when faced with a particular situation. Thanks to this chart, you’ll know when to stand, hit, double, split, or surrender based on the cards the dealer and you have. Naturally, this chart is beneficial when playing online, but it’s not applicable if you don’t use common sense.

3) Master Bankroll Management

If you want to make a living playing blackjack online, you need to ensure you don’t go bankrupt. You also need to be aware that you won’t win every time, so be prepared to lose some money. Manage your bankroll and determine how much money you’re willing to lose weekly or monthly.

Remember never to spend more than you can afford. Also, bad days will trump the good ones.

4) Learn How To Count Cards

Although many people believe counting cards is cheating, it really isn’t. By counting cards, you’ll learn the best ways to increase your chances of winning against the dealer and decrease the house edge. Ultimately, counting cards is a great way to predict the probability of drawing a particular card the next time you hit.

If you learn how to count cards, you will also know when to raise your bets. Predicting what card comes out next will help you determine whether to bet more money or not. It works the other way around, as well. You can lower your bets if you think the next card will not be good for you. Plus, if you learn how to count cards, you will also know when to raise your bets.

If you play your cards right, you can earn a lot in the long run.

5) Make Minimum Bets

If counting cards is not your thing, you should learn how to make minimum bets. The more you play and the more risks you take, the chances are greater you’ll lose more. When making bets, it’s important to note the house edge. In some blackjack games, the house edge is lower than 1%. Even with such a small house edge, you’re still fighting against an edge.

For that reason, you should make a minimum bet and stick with it. Avoid making the common blackjack mistake of ramping up your bet when going down because you’ll only end up chasing your losses.

For example, if you’re playing a $10 hand at 60 hands per hour, you’re risking losing $600 per hour. The key to playing longer is to bet the minimum amount at the table with the lowest house edge. Taking breaks is also an excellent way to cut down on your losses.




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