2021 Irish Open Kicks Off With the €250K Gtd Opener |

The wait is finally over, the 2021 Irish Open festival kicks off in style on March 26 with the €250,000 guaranteed Opener event.

We know Irish Open regulars are bitterly disappointed not to be jetting off to Dublin for a live version of Europe’s longest-running live poker festival, but we have done everything in our power to create a schedule and designed the tournament structures to bring you the next best thing right to the comfort of your own home.

March 26 sees the first two of 27 numbered Irish Open events shuffle up and deal. 19:05 GMT is when you need to be in your seats for the €530 buy-in Opener, which comes with a €250,000 guaranteed prize pool.

There are three starting flights for the Opener, a PKO tournament, where everyone sits down with 100,000 chips and plays to a 20-minute clock where the blinds start at 500/1,000/100a.

Late registration in the Opener remains open until the end of the ninth level, and the curtain comes down on Day 1 proceedings when only 15% of the field remains.

The one-day 7-Max Turbo Knockout also takes place on Day 1 of the Irish Open festival. it will set you back €162 unless you manage to win your way in via one of the many satellites running around the clock. €25,000 is guaranteed to be won in this fast-paced tournament.

Over the weekend, on March 28, the first of three Main Event flights takes place. The €1,100 buy-in Irish Open Main Event has a whopping €1 million guaranteed prize pool, but that figure will be obliterated if last year’s tournament is anything to go by.

Pablo Brito Silva came out on top in last year’s Irish Open Main Event. He outlasted 2,944 opponents on his way to securing the €462,099 top prize, along with the title of Irish Open Main Event champion.

Those of you wishing to play in the Irish Open Main Event but who do not have €1,100 to spend on entering should check out our Main Event satellites. They start from €0.01 and eventually feed into the €109 Main Event 1A Mega Satellite at 15:30 on March 28. The Mega Satellite has an incredible 100x seats, each worth €1,100, guaranteed. It could be your best shot into this event.

Opening Events of the 2021 Irish Open

Date Time Tournament Buy-in
Fri 26 Mar 19:05 Irish Open #01 Opener Day 1A: €250K Gtd €530
Fri 26 Mar 21:15 Irish Open #02 7-Max Turbo Knockout: €25K Gtd €162
Sat 27 Mar 19:05 Irish Open #01 Opener Day 1B: €250K Gtd €530
Sat 27 Mar 21:15 Irish Open #03 6-Max Turbo: €20K Gtd €162
Sun 28 Mar 15:05 Irish Open #01 Opener Day 1C: €250K Gtd €530
Sun 28 Mar 15:30 Irish Open #04 Main Event 1A Mega Satellite: 100x €1,100 Seats Gtd €109
Sun 28 Mar 19:05 Irish Open #01 Opener Day 2: €250K Gtd
Sun 28 Mar 19:05 Irish Open #04 Main Event Day 1A: €1M Gtd €1,100
Sun 28 Mar 19:05 Irish Open #05 Omaha High Roller: €50K Gtd €530
Sun 28 Mar 19:05 Irish Open #05 Mini Omaha High Roller: €10K Gtd €55
Sun 28 Mar 20:05 Irish Open #06 Grand Prix Ireland Day 1A: €250K Gtd €55
Sun 28 Mar 22:05 Irish Open #07 6-Max Hyper: €25K Gtd €265

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