Win More with These Ace Slots on Slotomania

Throughout Slotomania, with the new album, there is the introduction of the Ace Slots – you can extra spin and prizes throughout the range of slots that you can play.

In this article, this is the outline of the Ace Slots and details of each slot – additionally, you’ll find out how you can get involved!

Which Ace Slots Should You Play?

Across these slots, introducing the Ace slots, these are the ones that enable you to win even more spins. Through the Ace Slots, if you win, you can spin in the album to win even more prizes.

Through the following Ace Slots, these are the ones you can spin to win:

Mighty Silver Deluxe

Ranging from 10,000 to 500,000 coins, you have the chance to win even more coins across the 5 playlines.

Depending on the level of bet you place, this will determine your prize of the Minor, Major, and Grand. As you make your way around the jungle within this slot, this introduces your opportunity to knock down the obstacles in your way.

For each level of bet that you play, up to the bet of 500,000 coins – this is your chance to win up to 1 billion chips through the grand prize.

Through each spin that you have, and depending on how much you bet, this will bring you even closer to leveling up!

Fill The Till

From the very beginning when you place yourself into the slot, you’re able to activate a certain number of reels to be able to earn more jackpots.

As shown, the more active reels which you place within the slot, this will determine the number of jackpots you are able to win.

However, if you have fewer active reels, this will enable you to gain bigger coin wins.

Ranging from 75,000 to 300,000 coins, how much are you going to bet within these Slotomania casino slots?

Fill The Till Luckyland Slots

Towards extra special SUPER Free Spins, through collecting the coins, this can be all yours! While you’re collecting the gold super coins, you need to do this until you reach the Super Free Spins.

This is where you’ll spin until you win at least one jackpot! Played at average bet over gold coin collection, this is where you can our Super free spins.

Super Free Spins Free The Till

Depending on the number of reels that you initiate into the slot, this will determine the maximum amount you’re able to bet.

If you place through the maximum of 5 active reels, you can bet the highest amount of 300,000 coins and through the jackpots, you can win the super which gives you more than 30,000,000 coins!

Free The Till

Smokin’ Rapid

As you race towards the finishing line, this is where you are presented with the opportunity to speed down Route 77 and finish within the jackpot of more than 300 million chips.

Sliding down the scale, depending on the amount you bet, this can determine the number of coins you are presented with at the finishing line!

If you bet the maximum of 300,000 coins and receive 5 rapid fires this will give you 1,500,000 and with 9 rapid fires, you’ll gain more than 300 million coins. However, for each spin, the prizes are increased.

Spinning across the 50 lines of the slot, this introduces more chances to win across the board!

Smokin' Rapid Luckyland Slots

King of the North Extreme

Similarly, to Fill The Till, before you enter the slot, you can activate a certain amount of reels to win the super wheel. Ranging from 15,000 maximum chips to 60,000 maximum chips which you’re able to bet.

In this instance, for the active reels, the more active reels, this will result in you getting more prizes. However, with fewer active reels, this will result you in bigger play line wins.

Across the active reels, you need to choose the base bet and get started!

King of the North Reels

Featured across the 25 playlines, depending on the frequency of shows, the coined prizes will show from the number of active reels.

Being dependent on the bet you place, if you place it to the mini prize, you’ll be able to gain 300,000 coins. All the way through to the Mega prize, this will gain you over 15,000,000 coins.

King of the North Luckyland Slots

Backyard Buddies

As placed as an Ace featured game, this game gives you ace packs and sloto cards all you need across the 25 lines – this means that for each spin you can game more chances to win!

Featuring the maximum bet of the reels which is 2.4 million coins, this is your way to earn from the mini prize of 9 million chips all the way through to the super prize which results you in potentially winning 90 million chips!

Being the return from a total bet of 2.4 million chips, for each spin, you can gain more prizes through the album.

Backyard Buddies Ace Featured

Where Can You Play These Ace Slots?

Across these Ace Slots on Slotomania, these maybe the ones which you want to indulge yourself into, so here you can start spinning and win even more coins!

When you play these slots through Slotomania, this is where you’re able to sign up and get 1,000,00 free chips to continue playing the featured slots!

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