Las Vegas Strip Club Hopes To Add Gambling With Video Poker Machines

Soon, your high-hand bonus could pay for your lap dance.

A Las Vegas gentleman’s club called Sapphire is looking to add gambling to their offerings.

The strip club is seeking a gaming license from the state, according to a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Sapphire is looking to install about a dozen bar-top video poker machines.

Regulators are currently mulling over the request for a license. A city ordinance restricts gaming machines in strip clubs, but a pair of clubs in Las Vegas already have exemptions. Sapphire is seeking the same privilege.

According to the report, Sapphire had a hearing last week to discuss the license, and a final decision could come this fall.

“Commissioners can make an exception and grant the license if they deem it would not affect ‘health, safety and welfare,’ according to the ordinance,” the report said.

Sapphire argues that it has suffered a business loss since the pandemic, telling regulators that it is seeing about 125,000 fewer customers each year. The club reportedly saw half-a-million visitors annually before COVID-19.




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