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Life is all about balance. Finding that perfect weighting between work and leisure. And leisure time is extremely important for finding balance. We all need breaks, hobbies and fun times to counterweight all our hard work and effort during the week.


That’s why a holiday is always a good idea if you can spare time off.


In this article, we’re going to talk about winter wonderlands, and share six cold-weather destinations you must see. So, make sure to pack those winter pants and get ready to head off to these cold paradises.




The first cold-weather destination on this list is the continent of Antarctica. This is the coldest place on Earth. 


There is a huge range of wildlife to see, from the Emperor Penguins to various sorts of whales, and plenty in between.


You’ll also learn a lot about this frozen paradise, and come away more educated than before you came. 




The next destination on our list is the state of Alaska, in the United States of America.


Alaska offers a gorgeous, stunning winter landscape that can seem completely undiscovered by humanity.


The state’s biggest city – Anchorage, boasts the Iditarod Dog Race, which is a spectacle worth seeing. 


You can also see the Northern Lights from Alaska, or take a dogsled tour, or explore an ice cave system. 




Next up on the list is the small country of Iceland, in Europe’s far north.


Iceland is stunning to visit any time of year but is particularly beautiful in Europe’s winter. 


This country feels mystical and almost medieval at times, in terms of how sparse and vast the landscapes are.


The Skaftafell Ice Cave is a must-see, and there are a number of majestic waterfalls worth seeing while you’re there as well.


Top off your visit with trips to the glaciers or the black sand beaches.




Europe’s far north offers so much variety that another country has made the list – Norway.


Norway is a perfect winter destination. Explore the stunning fjords and you can also see the northern lights from Norway.


You can enjoy a relaxing boat cruise up the Norwegian coast and you won’t regret your decisions.


Where else on earth can you see the sun at midnight, between the months of May and July. 


Norway is a perfect cold-weather destination. 




Now moving to Asia, Japan is up next on our list of winter wonderland destinations.

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You can hit the slopes in Niseko, a popular skiing destination.


Next to see is the winter village event called “Furano Kan Kan Mura” – hosted at a resort in Furano City.


Finally, take in the gorgeous snow and ice sculptures at the Sapporo Snow Festival, which goes for a whole week in February. 


Western Newfoundland, Canada


Our final winter wonderland destination is Western Newfoundland, in the northern Americas – Canada in particular. 


This is a world-class skiing and snowboarding location, and it’s perfect for powder addicts.


There is plenty of natural beauty to be found here as well, such as floating glaciers.


You can go whale watching and see some majestic Humpbacks here too.


This cold-weather location offers the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. 


A Cold Conclusion


In this informative article, we’ve shared our top six winter wonderland destinations and explained why they’re the perfect places to visit.


So, get ready to pack that snow gear, rug up and buy tickets. Whether you’re after snow sports excitement or just want to take in stunning landscapes – these destinations are perfect for you. 


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