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Ravers and club kids didn’t invent platform shoes, but they’ve done more than just about any other group to popularize them. Platform shoes are inextricably tied to rave culture, and many club kids consider them to be an anchor for a good rave outfit.

There are a number of reasons to wear platform shoes to your next show, but there are also some disadvantages. Here’s all you need to know about platform shoes and their unique relationship to rave culture.

The Inspiration of Platform Shoes

While there are a lot of practical reasons to wear platform shoes, a big part of its popularity simply comes down to the fact that that’s what’s been popular in the scene for years. While platform shoes found varying amounts of popularity in scenes as varying as punk, funk, and glam; but platform shoes would really come into their own with the popular rise of club culture in the 1990s.

We can largely thank punk icon and fashion designer Vivenne Westwood for the reprise of the platform boot. She championed their value in the early 1990s, and it was partly through her that these shoes were adopted by the catwalk fashion industry as well as by musicians like Marilyn Manson and the Spice Girls.

But by the time these musicians were rocking platforms, they were largely mimicking the outfits worn by the underground club kids. And varying types of platform shoes have remained a part of the subculture ever since.

A Range of Options

Platform shoes have become so closely tied with rave culture that it’s led to a huge amount of differentiation between different styles. While the platform shoes of the 20th century may have primarily consisted of platforms, designers have been getting significantly more creative in the past couple of decades.

While you’ll find plenty of sturdy platform boots with rivets, chains, and a generally industrial or goth look to them, that’s just scratching the surface of offers available. You’ll find a lot of black, brown, and red — but if you go through a retailer that specializes in raver fashion, you’ll find all sorts of  colorful pastel, candy-color, and neon choices as well as bright and vibrant patterns.

And in terms of design, there’s plenty of choices too. From sneakers to boots to heels, there’s a platform style for practically any scenario.

An Alternative to Front Row Seating

The very nature of festivals and concerts tends to put short people at a disadvantage. That means that if you’re under the average height, you might have to force your way to the front of the stage or otherwise find higher elevation if you want to enjoy the show up close and personal. Platform shoes can provide leverage, allowing anyone to see the act the way it was intended.

Comfort and Durability

Once you learn to walk in platforms, you may find yourself never wanting to take them off. Platform shoes tend to provide a lot more cushioning for your feet, and they maintain a more rigid structure that prevents strain on your calves. That’s a definite asset when you’re on day three of a festival.

A Style That’s Sticking Around

Platform shoes have been tied to rave culture practically since raves first existed, and it’s unlikely that’s going to change anytime soon. And those who’ve tried out platform shoes understand why. These are a comfortable, durable, and stylish type of footwear that gives you a lot of leverage to express yourself. Just make sure that you’re buying your platform boots from a retailer you know you can trust.

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