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There are a lot of situations where a person is wrongfully accused of a crime. This can range from anything like petty crimes like minor neighborhood burglaries to more serious matters such as murder or rape. In some situations, the person who is accusing another of a crime really is making a mistake. They have either confused the person with someone else, they might be making that claim based on a judgment, or they might think that the person has a personal problem with them and has tried to harm them. In other cases, the situation is not so innocent and they are tactfully trying to trap a person into a crime they did not commit. 

Unfortunately, in both situations, innocent people do not always find justice and in many cases, the real culprits manage to get away with their crimes while someone who has nothing to do with the situation has to face charges. This is clearly reflected in the millions of people around the globe who are doing time in prison for crimes they never committed. In fact, in many cases, people are serving extremely long sentences, life sentences and even facing death sentences for things they never did, or things that were never clearly proven in court. If you are being falsely accused of a crime it is a serious matter and here is what you can do about it.

1.  File A Report

Different crimes have different sentences but more importantly, they also have an effect on the person that is being falsely accused. When someone blames you for a crime, not only do you have to go through the trouble of fighting the case but you are dealing with an expense you shouldn’t have to bear and a waste of time. Not to mention that it is a social challenge; there is defamation involved and it is a situation you are being dragged into for no reason. That’s why the first thing to do is pursue the matter through legal channels and let it be known that you won’t be pushed around. When you file a counter-report for the case that you’re being charged with, you set the first stone for the fightback.

2.  Hire An Expert

You can’t fight the case alone, especially if it is a criminal case. Some cases are civil in nature, like a divorce case in which one person is blaming the other for domestic abuse. However, if you are being charged for purely criminal activity then it is a different matter. The consequences are far more severe and you need a criminal defense attorney to help you navigate through the situation. These cases are far more complex and there is a lot that goes into defending someone against criminal charges. More specifically, you should get someone who is an expert in that particular crime. Whether that it is an allegation of financial crime, physical crime, murder, or anything else, get someone who has managed similar cases before.  

3.  Initiate An Investigation

With your report in place and your lawyer by your side, you can proceed to look into the matter in more detail. Whatever the crime may be, you have the right to use all your resources to defend yourself. If you are being accused of a crime then an investigation will have to take place at one point or another. You can also initiate an investigation and look into the matter from your end. Having a third party such as a private firm help you in this process is going to be quite helpful. However, you can also use the help of the police. If you have done nothing wrong then work with the investigators and try to abide by the guidelines your lawyer gives you.

4.  Contest The Matter

Criminal cases are a difficult situation to be in from all angles. Whether that is the complexity of the case, the laws that need to be looked into, or just the sheer time that it can take to solve the matter. It is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Be patient and hope for the best. Stay focused on the goal and make sure you are taking care of every part of the process with due diligence.

People will have all kinds of motives for falsely accusing you. They might think you are an easy target, they might think that they can pressure you into paying your way out of the situation or they might be trying to take the blame off their shoulders and have you pay the price of the crime. There are a lot of variable and hidden agendas that will unfold during the process. The main thing is that you keep your head clear and have a professional who can help you work through this process.

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