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This fall, Asian-inspired cocktails are front and center with sweet and savory flavors designed to intrigue all of your senses. In New York City, bartenders have embraced exotic flavors and ingredients like yuzu, sansho, and Calpico to create delectable concoctions. Here are a few of our favorite places to explore Asian-inspired cocktails:


Bar Goto Niban (Prospect Heights, NYC)

Melon Ball Cocktail 

Cocktail alumni Kento Gato created the perfect summer thirst quencher with his Melon Ball cocktail. Made with lemon, simple syrup, Calpico, Plymouth Gin, Pernod Pastis, Honeydew juice, and melon slices to garnish is a refreshing sweet twist.

NR (Upper East Side, NYC)

Yuzu + Sansho

From Owner and Bar Director Shige Kabashima, comes a gin-based cocktail made with Gin, Sansho, Japanese Pepper, Yuzu, Yuzu Sake, Honey, and Orange Blossom. With both sweet and spicy notes, this cocktail is an essential summertime drink.



Oiji Mi (Flatiron, NYC)

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Witch Doctor

Smooth and sophisticated Witch Doctor is made with unaged tequila, sweet-tart Korean pear, sesame, honey, and absinthe. Topped with a dusting of matcha and edible flowers, this is an instagrammable dream cocktail.



An Indonesian/ French restaurant by Cedric Vongerichten in the heart of Nolita, the team at Wayan has always up-leveled their cocktail game. Some favorites include the Yuzu Fizz ( London dry gin, yuzu, acquafaba, Thai basil), Cash Back (soju, lime, makrut-leaf infusion), and Pink Beach (Batavia arrack, Campari, pomegranate, pineapple, calamansi).

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