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Horsepower is one of the indicators that fans of fast driving pay close attention to. In addition, this is an additional reason to show off a cool car in front of neighbors and friends. You can take this indicator into account when searching for a car on EpicVIN

If racing suits your lifestyle, you will also be interested in seeing these fastest cars in the world.


SSC Tuatara

This car has been developed by SSC North American for almost twenty years. The final result fully justifies the prolonged expectation. Attention to this model of the car has been riveted since the fall of 2020, when it was announced that an incredible record of acceleration to 331 miles per hour was set. Some motorists are still skeptical about this information, because they consider such an acceleration impossible.

In any case, the car deserves to be discussed. You will definitely appreciate the stylish appearance and red rims of the wheel. Of course, this vehicle is not designed for trips to the nearest supermarket with children, but there are definitely people whose lifestyle is perfectly combined with this car.


Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300 + 

Bugatti seriously approached to surprise everyone with the appearance of a new car. Perhaps, you have no chance not to notice the LED backlight of words “Super Sport 300 +”. 

The vehicle has a rather interesting shape, but this is not only a designer’s fantasy, but also a necessity. The fact is that at high speeds, the car should, as it were, cut through the air and at the same time very steadily come into contact with the ground. The internal equipment of the car will seem ascetic to someone, but it is aimed at maintaining safety and weight control.


Koenigsegg Agera RS

This car impresses with an amazing power of 1341 horsepower. This effect is further enhanced by the additional rear wing, which provides the necessary downforce. 

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Separately, we note that this vehicle will be affordable for connoisseurs of luxury. The owner will use diamond-encrusted keys. Probably, this is why this car is produced as part of a limited collection to please the fastidious fans of extreme sports.


Mazda 3 MPS

If you are looking for a budget car, but are not ready to give up high speeds, you should think about buying this vehicle. You need to be prepared for the fact that you will not be able to save on fuel, but the power of the car is not in doubt.What is important for drivers, this car has a very strong suspension, therefore, you can not be afraid during fast trips on any roads. The owners are happy to note that this car rarely needs repair. And yet, before buying a used vehicle, it is better to check the VIN to avoid all the risks associated with hidden damage. This will help you to be sure of the reliability and safety of the selected model.


If you are not ready to spend money on such high-speed cars, this does not mean that you need to choose the slowest models. You just need to pay attention to the horsepower indicator and choose the best option. One of the best ways not to make a mistake with a purchase is to regularly study offers at online auctions. Such auctions, for example, ABETTER.BID or SCA offer a huge number of different cars, you will definitely be able to choose something that will correspond to your ideas about good speed indicators for a vehicle.

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