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As we head towards spring and the world looks tentatively towards starting to open up again, it’s time to take a look at the new season trends for spring / summer 2021. After a year of spending more time at home than ever before, and with the prospect of summer events and travel now looking a little more hopeful, the idea of stylish dressing has suddenly regained its appeal – so if you’ve grown tired of having nowhere to go and nothing to dress up for, then there’s never been a better time to restock your wardrobe and start to have some fun with fashion again.

Truth be told, last year’s Fashion Week catwalk shows didn’t give us much to go on when compared with the usual plethora of exciting inspiration, with only a handful of physical men’s shows going ahead and most showcases limited to online – but even so, it’s been more than enough to get us shopping again.

And here at LLM, we’ve been keeping an eye out for the key trends you won’t want to miss out on being seen in for 2021 – starting with these.

A regular feature in the men’s spring line-up, bomber jackets are back with a bang for 2021

New utility

The utility trend is one that never quite disappears, returning time and again to the catwalks and each time offering a new and unique twist. From earthy safari jackets to khaki slides, it couldn’t be easier to inject this look into your wardrobe, with the field jackets at Gucci and head-to-toe safari get-ups by Balmain set to become wardrobe essentials.

Bomber jackets rule

A regular feature in the men’s spring line-up, bomber jackets are back with a bang for 2021, and from Gucci’s 1970s-style cropped offerings to the high-shine flight jackets at Philipp Plein, this year, prepare to be spoilt for choice. It might not come as any sort of surprise that this look is officially back in vogue, but the sheer variety of takes and twists on the classic aviator look is something we haven’t seen for a while. Treat yourself to a few different variations to see you through the season in style.

The wide boy

Wide-leg trousers are set to replace more tailored styles this summer, and with the temperature set to rise over the coming months, it’s a trend we’re ready to welcome back with open arms. Pleats and folds give this season’s iterations a historical twist, while for something a little more retro, Hermes’ offerings should tick all the right boxes. From smart to sporty, whatever type of look you’re going for, you’ll find a wide-legged trouser to suit.

The double breasted jacket has a peak lapel, single vent at back and front pockets with both pocket lids and a ticket pocket

Suit up

On the subject of over-sized garments, the trend continues both in and out of the office with the season’s new 80s style, double-breasted suits. Loose and forgiving, these baggs pieces are a far cry from the smart tailoring we’re used to seeing in the boardroom, but if you’ve found yourself getting a little too used to elasticated waistbands over the past twelve months while working from home, then this is one key look that might come as a relief. Once again, Dolce and Gabbana seems to be leading the way on this one, showing suits in an array of vibrant colours. Definitely a trend for the brave, and perhaps one to swerve when there’s an important business deal to be signed.

Nautical vibes

Another trend that barely a year goes by without gracing the catwalk is nautical, with Dolce and Gabbana’s simple Breton stripe tops ready to become the staple pieces that will see you through the season. What we love most about this trend is its versatility – because Breton t-shirts will never not have a place in our capsule wardrobes. Team with tailored separates for a relaxed off-duty look, or go all out with the anchor-covered jumpers at Gucci if you prefer to make a statement.

breton tshirt
Breton tops ooze an elegant nonchalance only the French could have invented


If all this staying at home has got you itching to be a little more adventurous with your dressing once socialising is back on the cards, then prepare to make the boldest of statements – because neon is big news for spring / summer 2021. But, if Dior’s fluorescent yellow jumpsuits are a step too far even for you, then take inspiration from Issey Miyake’s bright neon separates. As they say, when it comes to trends like these, less tends to be more – so pair with neutral colours and tailored pieces for a relaxed yet utterly on-trends look.

The bottom line

One thing is for certain; men’s dressing for spring / summer 2021 is set to be brighter and bolder than ever. But as always, if the statement looks don’t quite translate into the kind of looks you’d wear every day, then worry not – because you’ll likely find some far more wearable takes in the shops.

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