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With the recent government announcement surrounding the easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK, it looks as though evenings out at our favourite champagne bar or the latest red carpet event could soon be back on the cards – which means an excellent excuse to go all out on overhauling your wardrobe and treating yourself to some exquisite new attire for the year ahead.

Although getting dressed up may feel but a distant memory given the past twelve months, you can never quite forget the feelings of glamour and sophistication that comes with doing so, and luxury cocktail clothing brand Nomi Fame is taking things to a whole new level with its 2021 collection of feminine yet minimalistic garments, which are make waves in the fashion world thanks to their impeccable quality and timeless designs.

Founded by talented designer Raimonda Trump, the brand is fast becoming one of the most coveted labels on the block for style savvy fashionistas and sophisticated dressers alike – and is most definitely one you’ll want to be seen in when the world opens up once again for lavish evening events.

Nomi Fame is a luxury clothing brand born from love for beauty and femininity and elegance

“I wanted to use this clothing line to empower women – to make them feel confident, and truly fall in love with themselves, unconditionally,” Raimonda explains – and it’s clear to see how the ‘Empowerment’ collection has the power to inspire just that.

Born from a love of beauty, femininity and elegance and created for women who value exquisite-quality and luxurious simplicity, this exciting and opulent new line is nothing short of entirely covetable. Fusing superior-quality fabrics with meticulous sewing and precise attention to detail, the expertise in each and every garment is clear. There is no cutting corners with Nomi Fame, which is one of the reasons it is so worthy of a place in your wardrobe; with such unique designs and high standards across the board, these are classic pieces that will stand the test of time.

So, how exactly did Nomi Fame come about? And what have we missed while holed up at home over the past year?

The brand stands for luxurious simplicity, exquisite quality and an idea of true femininity

“My journey into the fashion industry began when I was working for a local diamond jewellery manufacturing and trade company,” Raimonda explains.

“I always found that the most exciting element of the job was creating bespoke and individual jewellery designs for each customer, and I knew that I would someday love to have a business of my own that would allow me to translate that creativity into something else, which ultimately turned out to be dresses and evening wear.”

Having a long-held passion for fashion, it seemed an obvious choice. It was from here that Raimonda began to dream up her first range, sketching day and night and allowing her ideas to spill onto the pages of her notebook – and before long, she knew that she had come up with something special.

Raimonda Trump
Raimonda Trump is the founder of Nomi Fame

“I knew it was time to take action, so I began to study clothing construction, pattern-making, fabrics and sewing techniques, honing my knowledge and expertise as much as I possibly could,” she says.

But it was actually bringing her designs to life that was the biggest challenge.

“I knew that, when it came down to launching my line, I wouldn’t actually be doing the sewing myself – but I also wanted to ensure that I had the depth of knowledge and skill required to converse with clothing manufacturers in a language we both understood. So, getting to know every detail of what they would have to do felt essential.”

Fine quality of fabrics and classic, timeless design goes hand in hand with the idea that these garments were made to last a lifetime

And all of that hard work, it seems, eventually paid off – something that is evident when looking at the breath-taking collection of beautiful evening wear that has come to fruition as a result.

In a world where fashion is no longer as cutting-edge as it once was, and with the battle to bring something entirely new to the table, it takes a bold businesswoman indeed to press ahead with such a project – but Raimonda always had the confidence that her ideas would prove popular.

“My honest opinion is that nowadays, style is the most important thing – more so than fashion itself,” she explains. “It’s fair to say that we don’t often see anything new or ground-breaking being created with each new season anymore, with most trends a new take or spin on something that we have seen before. And, with the fashion industry being so fast-paced, nothing stays in favour for long before it is replaced with the next big look.”

The clothing line consists mostly of cocktail and evening wear.

“The pandemic has made it abundantly clear that the best approach to dressing is to invest in quality, timeless pieces that will remain in style forever – and at Nomi Fame, that’s exactly what we deliver,” she says.

“So what it’s really about is bringing the focus back to that quality and attention to detail. Once upon a time, it’s exactly what luxury goods were about – but in recent years, as some of the biggest brands have raced one another to continue churning out the latest statement pieces to maintain their status as industry trend-setters, in some cases it has taken a back seat.

“At Nomi Fame, it’s about quality over quantity. Fashion comes and goes, but style always remains.”

“Through this clothing line I want to empower women to make them feel confident and truly fall in love with themselves as a whole and unconditionally,” says Raimonda Trump, the brand’s founder

And this ethos, it seems, has well and truly paid off, with famous TV presenters, stylists and Instagram influencers all counted amongst the notable people who have been seen wearing Raimonda’s designs.

“Seeing Angelina Jolie or Beyonce Knowles wearing Nomi Fame would be the icing on the cake,” she says – something which certainly doesn’t seem outside the realms of possibility. And, with big plans to expand on a global scale and continue to inspire and empower women all over the world, it seems that the brand is set for big things.

“My vision is to have a few bricks-and-mortar stores in different countries, and also a more diversified product range,” she muses. “I’d like to do business wear or accessories – so watch this space!”

At LLM – Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, we certainly will be – and with a packed calendar of glamorous social events on the horizon, we know exactly where we’ll be heading to get a show-stopping outfit that oozes style, sophistication and all-out glamour.

2021 is set to be an exciting year all round, it seems – and we just can’t wait for 21st June.

Website: nomifame.com
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