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What makes a man? What gives him that manly look and aura. It is in the little things, what he wears, how he wears it, how he carries himself, the type of shoes he wears, or the books he reads. The qualities that make a man manly are a fine blend of what he owns and his personality. Items that will increase his quality of life generally bring him more joy and clearly define a wholesome man. These are some must-haves for every man to acquire that manly look.

1.   A Book Collection

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”


Reading improves vocabulary and comprehension and helps you get in touch with your emotions. As a fervent reader, you can increase knowledge, and it makes your conversations broader and much more interesting. 

2.   A Signature Scent

“No elegance is possible without perfume.”

Having your unique scent is like having a signature. Your scent introduces you to a room even before you walk in, and a man’s style isn’t truly complete without this element. It is your accessory like wearing your wedding ring every day before leaving the house. 

3.   A Good Quality Watch

At least 30% of women are thought to notice a man’s wristwatch before his clothes. The presence of a good quality watch hints that you are ready for the rush hour moment. It is the perfect complement to an outfit and gives a classy aura no matter the situation.

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1.   A Leather Wallet

A slim wallet signifies an organized man. As a rule, what you keep in your leather wallet should be what is used every week. Every contact card and gift card does not belong in your wallet. The quality and organization of your wallet are what marks the difference between a man and a boy.

2.   A Matching Leather Belt

A recent fashion trend is trousers that don’t need or require belts. This can never change the golden rule of matching belts and shoes. When getting a belt, it is important not to compromise on quality.

3.   A Tailored Suit

We all don’t want to be that guy that looks lost in his oversized and ill-fitting suit. These days, quality and affordable tailoring for suits are readily available. Every man that hopes to further define his masculinity must invest in at least one quality and perfectly tailored suit.

4.   A Grooming Kit

While toxic masculinity might suggest that it is feminine to groom yourself, I’m happy to inform you that it is part of hygiene and self-care to take time out to groom your hair, nails, and other parts of your body that require regular grooming. Concurrently, using a great soap adds to your signature scent and maintains as well as enhances the quality and softness of your skin. The skill to creatively organize all your grooming equipment neatly and cleanly in a classy toiletry bag is such a manly quality.

5.   A Towel Collection

Imagine inviting guests over, and you don’t have any clean or neat towels to offer them. A classy man must take having a clean collection of towels as a priority in his home. You can even take it to the next level by monogramming friendly and comforting words, phrases, or initials on the towels.

6.   A Tool Set And Workbench

What spells out manliness more than a handyman? Nothing! A toolset and a workbench indicate creativity and a keen eye for artistry. Women find a man that is good with his hands to be very attractive, and many women consider it the ultimate icing on the case that spells out and further defines masculinity.

7.   A Classy Pen

If you read, then you must as well be able to put your thoughts down in words. What really will be better than having a classy pen to capture those words on paper. Writing has been proven to improve memory and aid organization and planning.

8.   A Scotch Collection

There is something undeniably manly about a man that knows his scotch. It tells the world that he not only knows what he wants out of life but how to get it as well. Having a scotch collection certainly comes with knowing your glass sets and having beautiful and classy coasters. This combination of scotch, glasses, and coaters simply signifies an organized man, ready to work hard to achieve what he wants.

All these, combined with other non-physical qualities like honesty, kindness, an astute mind, and much more, are the basics of all the things that make a man manly. So, if you’re trying to tap into your masculinity more, the items on this list are a must-have. 

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