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Nathalie Dubois hosted a pre-Oscars gifting event for nominees. Previously she produced a drive-up gifting suite in February 2021 for Globes nominees where they could pick everything up in the comfort of their own car. For the Oscars, she hosted a garden gift suite where clients will expose their wide range of products,  socially distancing, wearing masks. Here are some of the items that were gifted.

Henua has turned traditional skincare’s ingredients list on its head and only included the most potent, active botanical ingredients. Nothing more.

No water, no fillers.

Scandinavia is home to world’s cleanest nature, purest air and brightest water. The forests offer a treasure trove of natural ingredients that are used in medicine, wellbeing and beauty. Against this backdrop Henua has created a sustainable range of face and body care that pays homage to simple Nordic luxury and ecological standards.

The products are formulated into a base of Nordic active ingredients like birch sap and get their strength from best naturals like berries and plant extracts. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants the range doesn’t include anything extra, only actives.

Tough as a Mother Tribe utilizes the power and meanings of gemstones to design pieces that honor the most joyous and raw parts of motherhood. When you purchase a personalized Tough as a Mother piece, you quietly unite with mothers across the world through our common bond.

Scientific research and studies validate the need for Fazup to decrease your risks for potential side affects using your mobile phone. Purchasing a Fazup will give you peace of mind that your reducing up to 99% of radiation that is being absorbed into your body.

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Women Who Do Wonders International (WWDW) is an exclusive community membership platform built by women to unite, support, and amplify the power of female entrepreneurs, mission-driven community leaders and philanthropists working to improve the lives of women and children around the world.

Klipsta believes little things can make a big difference. By solving the small frustrations in your day-to-day life, innovative products let you stay focused on the bigger picture. Whether it’s the convenience of carrying your hat hands-free, or the stress-relieving knowledge that your child won’t lose yet another school hat…Klipsta takes care of the little things, so you have more time to enjoy the moments that really matter. 

Inflammation Master is a wildcrafted and organic herbal supplement designed for daily use or during acute injuries. When you’re in pain, inflammation is the root cause. Muscles, skin, wounds, infections, brain, and even sinus cavities swell due to inflammation when there is a injury or attack. It is this inflammation that we perceive as pain. Naturally controlling this inflammation lets us cope with the pain better and lets the body heal quicker.

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