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The long standing brand, Peregrine, has a rich history, renowned for manufacturing 100 per cent British clothing for 220 years. The brand offers lines for both men and women, expect expertly crafted outwear and cosy knits in the form of cable knit jumpers, longer line cardigans, and funnel neck jumpers that’ll see you through winter.

At the heart of the brand is their proud production process, as they’re committed to producing only the best quality garments with minimal environmental implications, and full transparency – all the materials are carefully considered and traced.

Felicity Williams caught up with Tom Glover, managing director of the label, to discuss the Peregrine production process and how he expects the brand to build on its 220 years.

Peregrine has been manufacturing 100 per cent British clothing for the last 220 years

Tell us how it all began

The brand started out in 1796 and was founded by my great great great grandfather (also called) Thomas Glover. He started out in Leicester market as a bag man, this was a great place for him to be as Leicester was the wool capital of Europe at that time.

What’s the Peregrine USP?

Our USP is that we make everything in England. We believe British manufacturing is important to keep alive so we are proud to still be making 100 per cent of our products in England.

Who is your customer?

We appeal to a wide range of customers who choose to wear the brand in a variety of different environments, we enjoy being diverse.

Peregrine is known for its quality knitwear and outerwear

What is the Peregrine offering?

We offer both men’s and ladies’ clothing and accessories. Our focus is mostly on quality knitwear and outerwear.

What sort of relationship do you have with production?

We have a very close relationship with our factory and are constantly in touch with them. I aim to go up to the factory once a week to check on everything.

Peregrine says that all the materials used in their clothing lines are carefully considered and traced

What’s the brand ethos?

Our brand ethos is to make sure everyone is proud to wear British!

How do you see the brand and your consumer evolving?

We have noticed a real shift in our customers wanting to buy higher quality, locally sourced and sustainable clothing. We have always been producing sustainable products but there has been a noticeable shift in consumer behaviour, which is amazing!

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