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Champagne is supposed to open with a bang, right? Not necessarily, in fact a huge celebratory “pop!” is actually a sign that it was opened by an amateur. Experts contend that a bottle of champagne opened with skill will make only a very small popping sound, or perhaps none at all.

Here is exactly how to open a champagne bottle like a pro:

Chill thoroughly-Properly chilled champagne will fizz and/or froth over less
Towel dry the bottle- if there’s condensation to ensure a good grip and prevent slippage
Cut the foil- using a knife, only tearing with fingers after you’ve scored the foil.
Tilt and aim- Tilt the bottle to 45 degrees and aim it away from yourself, others, and anything breakable (like windows)
Hold the cork down- with one hand while twisting open the wire cage with the other
Twist the bottle- with one hand while continuing to hold the cork down with the other
Listen- for the sound of air escaping to signal that the bottle is open. There may also be a small cloud of gas.

The pop can be fun when among friends in a party atmosphere but if opened gently and quietly the champagne will have more bubbles and taste better. As the old saying goes “The ear’s gain is the palate’s loss.”

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Once you’ve successfully opened the champagne the next step is pouring it. For the best results make sure the bubbly has been chilled to the proper temperature, 46º F – 57º F depending on age, and then further preserve the bubbles by using a ‘beer-like’ technique and pouring the liquid down the side of a tilted champagne flute.

How to Open Champagne

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