Frank Miller’s original piece of art titled “I Love You, Nancy Callahan” secures the highest price ever for a comic book art NFT.

I Love You, Nancy Callahan” is an animated and sound designed piece using the original comic panels to highlight one of the most profound stories in the Sin City universe: the death of Detective Hartigan.

The 1-of-1 piece was sold to the highest bidder over a 24-hour period in partnership with OpenSea and purchased using the GALA coin.  With 3 bidders active in the final countdown, the auction was extended by two hours as one of the parameters is that in the last 5 minutes of an auction when a bid is placed an additional 10 minutes is added to the clock to ensure all parties have a final opportunity to follow up on their interest.  This provided a flurry of activity with incremental jumps here and there of $25,000 – $50,000, then it took quite a leap from $435k to $591k then to $800k and closing at 8,537,584.205 GALA ($840,986.16 USD). 

“I Love You, Nancy Callahan” is now the most expensive piece of art ever sold by Frank Miller.  The most valuable piece of his art is the cover art featuring a lightning bolt for “The Dark Knight Returns” which is currently valued at 1.3-1.6M USD, but not currently for sale.

In 2011, Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight #3 Batman and Robin Iconic Splash Page 10 was the most expensive original artwork from an American comic book ever sold at an auction at $448k USD.  According to Heritage Auctions Hall of Fame Highlights for Comics & Comic Art, that piece now ranks as the 10th most expensive comic book art ever sold.  “I love you Nancy Callahan” would rank #3 on this list.

“I am so honored to see the fans of mine, of Marv, of Sin City participating in this new world. One thing you never get making comics is the three-dimensionality (of NFTs).  It is something that you aspire to when you’re drawing, but to really see things form and move like in “I Love You, Nancy Callahan,” it’s really wonderful,” shared Frank Miller.


Frank Miller in partnership with Gala Labs and Concept Art House created a series of 10 NFTs to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sin City graphic novel. Working with Frank Miller’s original artwork, Concept Art House collaborated to bring the pieces to life with motion and sound design and Gala Labs has built a proprietary platform at The same proprietary technology was created and is used by Gala Labs parent company Gala Games, the premier gaming company built on the blockchain, to power 100’s of thousands of people’s game play which incorporate NFTs for community building and play.


James Olden, Chief Strategy Officer for Gala Labs commented, “Gala Labs is delighted to provide a trusted and fortified platform for partners interested in pushing technology and pop culture to the creative horizon and we couldn’t be prouder of the team of people that brought this project to life.”


The first of ten NFTs dropped on September 29th.   Eight of them have successfully concluded and one auction is still open, The Noir Hero” is a limited edition of only 1000.  The winning bidders will receive a limited edition physical crystal sculpture of Marv that also includes a special code etched in the sculpture that can be redeemed for a digital NFT of the art piece.


Penni Johnson, Director of Business Development for Concept Art House, added “It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with Frank Miller.  It’s inspiring to see how he adapted so quickly to this new digital space and how he worked with the team to bring his vision to NFTs.”


Frank Miller’s NFT Premiere with Gala Labs and Concept Art House, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Sin City will close out with the first of its kind NFT, a live drawing by Frank Miller as directed by the highest bidder the date and time will be announced on 




The Frank Miller, Gala Labs, Concept Art House NFT premiere celebrating the 30th anniversary of the graphic novel Sin City drop began on September 29th with;

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  1.  “All or Nothing Days” featuring Sin City’s signature character Marv as he fearlessly walks into danger openly and honestly.  This was a 1 of 1 open auction for 24 hours in partnership with OpenSea with bidding in GALA coin. This historic auction closed at  1,047,375 GALA ($98,600.93 USD).


  1. “I Haven’t Got All Night” features the eerie bright blood red, the grimy bricks and the noir hero’s shadowy profile.  This piece was a ranked auction where the top 10 highest bidders would win the NFT along with a physical exclusive Sin City print of “Marv” autographed by Frank Miller.


  1.  “Smoking” was an open edition that was open for only 15 minutes and was a beloved auction for fervent fans of Frank Miller and Sin City.


  1. “Everybody has Evil” was also an open edition for 15 minutes featuring the animation of Marv in blood-caked armor.  “He’s dirty and he does his best to deny the fact that he’s a hero the whole time.” ~Frank Miller


  1. “Wendy” is very unique in the series, the only one to feature a sole female character and done with more variety of color than typically afforded by Frank Miller.  This ranked auction went to the top 25 bidders over 24 hours.


  1. “No Reason To Play it Quiet” captures the pure the enduring power of the noir hero, Marv and sold as a limited edition with only 100 available for sale in a 15 minute time period.


  1.  “I Love the Rain” was the last open edition of the premiere and lasted for 15 minutes but will leave a lasting impact on the successful owners, featuring the cumulation of sound and graphics in surrounding Marv who stands firm, uninhibited by the storm.


  1. “I Love You, Nancy Callahan” is a record smashing piece 1-of-1 auction closed at auction for 8,537,584.205 GALA ($840,986.16 USD).  This animated and sound designed piece uses the original comic panels to highlight one of the most profound stories in the Sin City universe: the death of Detective Hartigan.


  1. STILL OPEN – “The Noir Hero” limited edition of only 1000 features a very special crystal sculpture of Marv that includes a special code etched in the sculpture that can be redeemed for a digital NFT of the art piece.


  1. FINAL AUCTION – DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED – Live Drawing for the winner by Frank Miller himself.

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