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The world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery, Bushmills is going to help you celebrate Irish whisky and culture this St. Patrick’s Day. Award-winning Bushmills has over 400 years of whisky-making experience, and never compromises on quality.



This St. Patrick’s Day, Bushmills Irish Whiskey is helping raise spirits by covering the bill for thousands of St. Patrick’s Day drinks. To redeem the offer, whiskey lovers 21+ can simply buy a Bushmills Irish Whiskey pour or cocktail from a favorite local bar or restaurant (in person or takeaway) and upload the receipt through www.Bushmills.com/FirstWhiskey.


Bushmills have also teamed up with Trip Advisor to create custom discovery guides across all major US cities where consumers can grab their Bushmills #firstwhiskey to go. Check out your city below:




Bushmills’ also knows the importance of giving back and launched the #FirstWhisky program. Bushmills stands in solidarity with bartenders and encourages consumers to show support for their favorite spots by participating. Bushmills has also donated $200,000 to the USBG Foundation’s Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. For every Bushmills Irish whiskey that is redeemed through Bushmills’ First Whiskey program in the month of March, Bushmills Irish Whiskey will donate a $1.00 tip to bartenders in need through USBG Bartender Emergency Assistance Program (up to 25k).


If you are choosing to celebrate at home this St. Patrick’s Day, order a bottle from Drizly or your local delivery and enjoy this comforting, delicious red hot toddy.



Red Hot Toddy 


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1 part Bushmills Red Bush Irish Whiskey

2 parts hot water

1/4 part simple syrup

Ground cinnamon

Whole cloves

Lemon wheel

Cinnamon stick


  • Take 2 scoops of whole cloves and ground cinnamon, tie together in a muslin cloth or herbal tea bag and simmer in hot water. Simmer longer for a stronger flavor.
  •  Add Bushmills Red Bush to the flavored water.
  •  Add a dash of sugar, and garnish with a cinnamon stick and lemon wheel.


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