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Dealing with disasters, be it water, floods, or fire, is overwhelming for most homeowners. Regardless of the extent of damage following the disaster, it is not advisable to work on disaster restoration yourself. You can reduce the damage and solve the problem by hiring a professional disaster restoration company. However, with plenty of restoration companies available, choosing an outstanding contractor might be challenging. Here are some tips to consider before hiring a restoration company.

  1. Certification

You should engage the services of certified disaster restoration professionals. Certification is arguably the most important consideration that homeowners shouldn’t ignore in their quest to find the right company. Unfortunately, minimal laws regulate the disaster restoration industry, and anybody with a company can claim to be an expert in restoration.

Dealing with mediocre companies is devastating, and you should only hire companies with proven cleaning and restoration certificates. Such paperwork is enough proof that the company’s employees have sufficient training and knowledge to handle any restoration project.

2. Emergency Services

Homeowners greatly benefit from getting immediate services, as it limits extensive damage. You shouldn’t risk wasting more time with water or fire damage, as it will consume your furnishing, household appliances, and walls, making the damage severe. Therefore, your preferred restoration company should provide immediate restoration services.

The right company should pick calls on a 24/7 basis and ready to dispatch a team anytime duty calls. Don’t engage with a company that takes hours or days before returning your call or replying to your emails. Therefore, thoroughly inquire about the company’s emergency services preparedness and how first they can begin the cleaning and repair process.

3. Insurance and License

Just like certifications, the best restoration companies should have licenses to operate within your region. For confirmatory purposes, ask the company to produce their license and compare it with online search findings to ensure that the company is legally permitted to operate in your state. Otherwise, you will end up being entangled with a company that isn’t recognized by relevant authorities.

On the other hand, you should ensure that the restoration company has the necessary insurance. Handling outcomes of disasters might lead to further damage to your home or injuries to the company’s employees. Insurance is the only way to survive potential liabilities in case accidents happen during restoration.

4. Reviews and References

An estimated 50% of customers always read online reviews before visiting a shop or making purchases in the current digital age. This should also apply to you when searching for the right restoration company. The best way to know about the company is by interacting with previous customers of the company.

Your friends and family can also provide valuable information and recommendations of the best company. Any company with a positive reputation will likely offer satisfactory services. Positive reviews are sufficient evidence that the company can provide thorough and reliable restoration services.

5. Nature of Services Offered

The nature and extent of natural disasters are unpredictable, and it is best to engage a company that offers a wide range of services. For instance, if your home suffered a fire tragedy, the right restoration company should have extensive knowledge in dealing with the aftermath of a fire outbreak. This includes assessing the extent of fire damage to eliminate any imminent danger and assessing the integrity of your structure.

On the other hand, water restoration companies should also provide all services related to water damage. This includes water extraction and drying, carpet cleaning, mold remediation, and structural repairs. Unfortunately, there is more than what meets the eye in most disasters. For instance, slight dampness on the walls after water damage may indicate persistent leaks or uncleared water pooling.

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6. Technological Equipment

Water, fire, and other disasters often leave your home in an unsightly state. You will need extensive clearing of resulting debris, cleaning, dehumidification, water extraction, and excellent drying to prevent mold issues. Such services can only be provided by restoration companies that use advanced techniques and equipment.

Companies that use state-of-the-art equipment are the best option as they provide assurance of a quick restoration process. You will also rest assured that you won’t have to deal with recurring mold issues and other consequences. Always ask the company about the nature of tools that they use during the restoration process.

7. Cost of Restoration

Whether you are paying for the restoration services out of pocket or your homeowners’ insurance company covers the costs, you should discuss the charges with the company. Obviously, the total cost of restoration highly depends on the nature of the damage. However, some companies overprice their quotes and provide substandard services. Also, don’t prefer a cheap restoration company as it means that they don’t use modern equipment and techniques.


Finding the right restoration company involves a perfect balance of many factors. The factors mentioned above will guide you to choose the right restoration company that provides the best out of your home remediation.


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