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Those who own a luxury timepiece will know all too well the importance of keeping it in check – and while polishing it daily might maintain its outward aesthetic, often, watch care and maintenance runs much deeper.

There’s no denying that your prized Rolex or Omega might look good on your wrist, but if it isn’t being properly maintained to ensure that it will continue keeping perfect time indefinitely, then it might be time to reassess.

Burton Blake, a leading UK online store specialising in luxury lifestyle products – which span everything from homeware and gifts to fashion and travel – is an official stockist of WOLF watch winders, and Paul Caplan, director of Burton Blake, says that they are an essential part of any luxury watch enthusiast’s collection.

Burton Blake is an official UK stockist of WOLF watch winders

“A quality watch winder will keep your automatic watch turning even when you’re not wearing it,” he said.

“This is important because it keeps the winder spring-loaded and all of the other moving parts operational, which is really important when it comes to maintaining efficiency and accuracy. The main spring, which stores the power to keep the watch moving, is one of the key moving parts of an automatic watch – and if this is left loose for too long then it could result in an expensive repair bill.”

And, he/she added, while the majority of high-end watch collectors have no problem with spending big for a great timepiece, unnecessary costs like these can be avoided.

“If the mainspring runs out of tension then all of the moving parts within the watch will stop – but with the right upkeep, this is something you won’t have to worry about,” he explained.

 WOLF Watch Winders
WOLF has been a family business since 1834 and is the premium quality brand for watch winders

So, why WOLF watch winders, in particular? Well, these premium offerings don’t just keep your watch in perfect time, but they look the part, too. After all, the aesthetics are just as important when your watch is sitting on your shelf as when it’s on your arm, and these winders give you the best of both.

But, of course, it’s their impeccable performance that has won them a legion of loyal watch-collecting fans, keeping watches to the same stored power level at all times so that you won’t have to waste time rewinding it yourself – which can take a good few minutes you may not have on busy mornings or before major black tie events.

The result? Each time you remove your watch from the winder, it will be exactly as it was when you took it off in terms of power – with an accurate time and date, always.

Watch collectors have multiplied in recent years, with more people than ever recognising the investment opportunities that come with quality watches. They don’t just look incredible but can offer you a sizeable nest-egg for the future, with limited edition watches from the likes of Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, and more fetching thousands more as the years go on than they cost to buy originally.

Not only that, but they have also become popular family heirlooms, with many affluent owners opting to pass them down through the generations of their families.

 WOLF Watch Winders
A WOLF mechanical watch rocker is the best option for watch storage and care, especially for bigger and heavier watches

It stands to reason then, that where such fortunes are involved, investment in optimum maintenance is key – and watch winders in themselves have become increasingly coveted pieces of kit as a result.

“WOLF is a preferred brand because of its reputation for excellency,” explained Paul.

“It is known for being the most reliable manufacturer of watch winders, and its products are handmade from premium vegan leather, so they look great just sitting on the shelf, too.”

WOLF itself is a British, family-run business with a long heritage and rich history behind it. Founded in 1834, it has invested many years into researching and refining its products to ensure that they are the very best that money can buy – and the results, it seems, have been impressive.

Its unique winding system is patented, offering a superior result when compared with competitors in the market. Thanks to its intelligent algorithms and innovative modern technology, WOLF watch winders feature an intermittent rotation with ‘wake’ and ‘sleep’ stages. They are designed to eliminate both overwinding and magnetism – something which not all winders are able to achieve.

 WOLF Watch Winders
Each automatic watch winder is meticulously crafted by hand to run smoothly and silently for a lifetime

It all sounds great – and the brand, it seems, isn’t one to rest on its laurels either. Although its products have long been in demand by male collectors of premium timepieces, the brand has seen an increase in interest amongst women, too – and has developed a new collection featuring pretty, pastel colours in order to cater to a more diverse range of tastes.

“At Burton Blake, we’re delighted to be able to call ourselves an official WOLF stockist and make it our priority to go the extra mile when it comes to serving our customers. As well as offering one of the widest ranges of WOLF products you’ll find online, we provide a tailored, personalised level of service from our highly trained team, before, during and after purchase, which has won us a rating of 4.9/5 from our European customers,” said Paul.

With free express shipping for orders over £25, delivery guaranteed in one to two days and a 30 day returns policy (which is extended to 60 days during the festive Christmas period), you’re guaranteed a great buying experience with Burton Blake – so we know exactly where we’ll be buying ours.

All imagery used in this article credit: Burton Blake

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