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With lockdown nearly over, it’s time to fix up and get back to looking sharp – but if months of staying at home have left you feeling like you can’t quite remember how, then the gradual return to normality might just be filling you with a sense of panic.

For the sartorial male, image is everything, and with big face-to-face boardroom meetings, champagne receptions and red carpet events soon to be back on the cards, we could all do with a little reminder of just what it takes to look good.

Thankfully, the experts at 883 Police have got you covered, and with years of fashion industry experience behind them and one of the coolest casual clothing ranges on the block, they know all there is to know about stylish dressing. From laid-back, off-duty looks to outfits that up the ante for something a little more special, this is a brand that ticks all of the right boxes, and some.

‘Built for the Journey – Choose Your Own Road’ has been 883 Police’s guiding philosophy since its humble roots. A designer clothing brand now favoured the world over by men, women and children, it has come a long way since first launching in italy back in 1995 – and a quick through its collection makes it easy enough to see why.

A brand born out of the love for denim, Italy proved to be a great starting point from which the company would go on to grow into bigger and better things; not least due to the nation being at the forefront of textile tradition and a centre for excellence in denim manufacturing, as well as a world leader when it comes to fashion.

The company has continued to flourish over the years, and has now firmly cemented its position on the world stage. Its 200-year history of experience and expertise in denim has long set it apart from the crowd, making waves across the industry and winning it a glowing reputation for its impeccable attention to detail and cool clothing designs.

In fact, the innovations made by the brand’s founders almost 30 years ago are still very much apparent in the denim industry today; from the washing techniques to the finishes and textures – some of which had never been attempted on denim before.

Techniques such as acid, stone and enzyme washing were, believe it or not, all once considered taboo, with some of them even once thought to be dangerous. But thanks to 883 Police, they are now commonly used worldwide, giving us the denim choices we know and love today.

883 Police

So, what does 883 Police look like these days? After finding initial success and being a huge brand in the 2000’s, as fashion changed and as sports and activewear started to find their feet as a desired clothing style, 883 Police continued its journey, quietly, into the unknown.

After a period of reflection and contemplation, the founders decided to reinvigorate and reinvent their collections. Today, it’s still very much a brand of innovation, featuring premium designs, fits and washes and incorporating the contemporary elements that give the brand its instantly recognisable look and feel.

The brand now goes far beyond just its trademark denim alone, producing a wide range of men’s designer clothing. Cool, casual and contemporary, 883 Police now counts activewear, casual clothing, footwear and accessories amongst its collections, and all have proven to be just as impressive as the originals.

“At 883 Police, we’re always on the lookout for something new, fresh and creative and that really resonates with our customers,” says a spokesperson for the brand.

883 Police

And it’s this, it seems, that is the key to success, keeping the brand moving forwards in such a challenging and saturated market and evolving and growing relentlessly along the way.

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Easy wear designs and relaxed, off-duty styles are key amongst the new collections and 883 Police is extremely proud to introduce brand new ranges each season, with its founders always on the search for the next big trend.

More than just jeans, the new 883 Police collections ( are infused with a bold and modern attitude as well as the spirit of youth and freedom. The brand is built for the journey, which is exactly what it set out to do – and shows no signs of slowing down just yet.

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