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An international company dedicated to the search for an advanced and ever-improving formula within the beauty industry, Brazilian Beauty One, also known as BB One, prides itself on its partnerships with leading research centres, cosmetic manufacturers and distributors around the world. And all of these key partnerships pave the way for the creation of its innovative range of products, which are now available in 32 countries worldwide.

Unlike other companies, many of which rest upon their past achievements, managing director Gianni Susassi says that at BB One, constant learning, growing and improving are perpetually at the top of the agenda. This is something that is evident in its impressive product lines, which are fast becoming as beloved within the salon industry as they are of the everyday user at home.

Created by a group of like-minded industry professionals who desired to bring the very finest haircare products to market, the company has gone from strength to strength ever since.

“I am a firm believer that people buy from people,” says Gianni. “They like to see the face and the person behind a company, so I make visibility a priority. I want our customers to know that they can fully trust in us as a brand to deliver the very best quality products – something which the discerning high-end client not only appreciates, but expects.”

Gianni Susassi is the managing director of Brazilian Beauty One

The brand, which manufactures in Brazil, Switzerland and Italy, features a range of different product lines, which, up until 2018, were only available in selected salons in the UK and Russia. Fast forward to 2021, and they are now in over 10,000 salons globally.

Gianni puts this great success down to the brand’s forward-thinking approach, as well as how unique and advanced their product formulas are. “Our patented formulas are all made using the latest technology and ingredients available in the cosmetics industry, with amazing products for both professional use and for the everyday consumer at home,” he said.

“I like to keep the brand exciting by releasing at least three new products every six months, and constantly re-assessing our current ones. As a company, we never want to get comfortable once we have a ‘best seller’, so we are constantly re-evaluating our products and taking on board our customers’ feedback so that our business is like one giant cosmetic cog, constantly turning in the strive for greatness.”

The team at BB One comprises some of the world’s best chemists – who have dedicated their lives to the chemistry behind cosmetics – as well as hairstylists and instructors with an impressive level of industry experience between them. Each plays an essential role in how the brand operated and in facilitating the creation of its coveted range of products, each of which is made with only the best ingredients for the very best results.

It’s little wonder then, that BB One’s products have been experiencing such a meteoric surge in popularity in recent years.

Brazilian Beauty One
Brazilian Beauty One is now one of the leading professional salon brands in the UK

A gift from nature

So, what is it about the brand that makes its highly-coveted products so sought after – apart from, of course, the innovation?

For starters, all of the product lines are based around fruit juices. Combined with a cocktail of powerful, high-performance ingredients that intensively nourish and restore the hair, they have become particularly popular amongst salon colourists, allowing them to work with coloured hair without affecting the dye whilst still achieving the very best possible results.

The Nanoplastica Acid Power Ultimate range is something that Gianni is particularly proud of, containing a complex formula of natural and amino acids, making it possible to straighten hair of any complexity.

Similarly, the Keratin Straightening Brazilian Smoothing System offers some impressive results in the pursuit of smoother, shinier and healthier looking hair, and is even more appealing to the luxury customer. A premium line containing caviar extracts, collagen, macadamia and shea oils, it’s a sumptuous treatment that smooths frizz – while its Keratin Straightening Cacao line contains fruit juices that allow the formula to integrate into the hair structure to strengthen and restore, straightening even the unruliest of curls.

BB One prides itself on the accessibility of treatments not just to salon professionals, but to the everyday user at home, too – and draws on some of Brazil’s finest natural superfoods to create daily shampoos and conditioners and weekly hair masks that allow for excellent maintenance and results at home.

Brazilian Beauty One
Brazilian Beauty One prides itself on its partnerships with leading research centres, cosmetic manufacturers and distributors around the world

Gianni explains: “Our Ultra Liss Cacao and Acai range has been immensely popular amongst our affluent customer base worldwide, giving them salon results from the comfort of their own homes. And, with many salons closed globally over the past twelve months, it has been a lifeline for those who are eager to maintain the condition and look of their hair.

“The ‘Smoothie’ – a lavish treatment which is available in scents including strawberry and passion fruit – is designed for straightening curly, wavy and thinner hair, and is packed with nourishing ingredients from fruits to give hair a mirror shine.”

The star treatment

But it’s not just about amazing products for BB One, as its salon training service has also become highly sought-after. The popular keratin straightening treatment, which originates from Brazil, is becoming increasingly coveted within luxury salons globally, and just so happens to be one of BB One’s many areas of expertise.

Brazilian Beauty One
All Brazilian Beauty One product lines contain ingredients that powerfully nourish and restore hair

The hair is made up of 80 – 85 per cent keratin, along with lipids (fats) and pigment (melanin). Gradually, these can be depleted, thus weakening the hair’s structure – through factors including pollution, heat styling and UV exposure – and leaving it dull, porous, brittle and frizzy as a result.

Gianni says: “Customers at the salons we work with expect the best, and that means that the salons need to be offering the most cutting-edge treatments and have a team of the most highly-skilled hairdressers to carry them out. At BB One, we know that great products deserve to be used to their full advantage, so we provide full training on some of the latest trending treatments. Botox for hair and keratin straightening, which restructure and restore damaged hair, are becoming particularly sought-after at the moment, so they are a particular area of focus.”

The road ahead

Clearly, this is a brand that takes its mission very seriously, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of hair perfection. So what can we expect to see from BB One in 2021 and beyond?

Gianni tells us: “In 2021, we’ll be continuing to expand into more hair salons in the world, and growing our customer base, and we’ll do that by continuing to, as always, prioritise innovation. Trends and technology are ever-changing, and we aim to make sure that we are always at the forefront with the most forward-thinking products and techniques. That is very much the essence of our brand, and something that will never change, so we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”


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