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We all know it can be tough keeping employees motivated and happy. They often have to deal with changes, a lack of resources, difficult customers, or long working hours. These things can be demoralizing, so it’s really important to keep them emotionally buoyant. The answer is simple, show them appreciation! Let them know that they are a valuable member of the team.

Perhaps you are wishing to encourage your staff in this way but don’t know how to go about it. This article will give you some amazing tips on how to show your appreciation.

A Thank You Card

It’s cheap, and it’s simple, and yet it can have a big impact on your employees. For most of us, cards are something we’ll only get at Christmas time or on our birthdays.

Why not cheer up one employee every week with a thank you card, writing down what has earned this appreciation? It could be a work-related achievement or even something funny they did. You could send an e-version by email if you don’t have the time and resources to issue paper cards.

A Customized Gift

You could give an employee a medal or trophy that symbolizes their role in the company. For example, you could give your receptionist an Olympic medal with “The World’s Best Receptionist” engraved on it. If fun was had during a work social, something with ‘The World’s Worst Karaoke Singer’ may raise some laughs in the office. If you have an annual sports day, a medal or trophy would be ideal, and if finances are limited, you could print off some paper certificates instead.

Gifts are never better than celebrating peoples’ individuality. It may be that you want to have something made using a 3D printer. A visit to shows that many people opt for custom 3D printing, or something large scale or made of metal. Professional companies are able to turn your designs into physical products, whether it’s a vinyl figure or keychain.

A Flexible Schedule

It may be that your team has just completed a grueling period of extended overtime. Alternatively, a long-term project has finally come to fruition. You could offer flexible working hours to reward them, for instance, by allowing them to come in later or finish earlier for a brief period.

This would allow your employees some extra time to catch up with their friends and family or simply to recharge themselves.

A Work From Home Option

Some extroverts may react against anything that keeps them away from daily contact with their colleagues. This doesn’t apply to everybody, however. It may be seen as an extra perk if people are able to work from home for a while. It may fit in better with their work-life balance and give them shorter days. This is because it would remove the time they normally spend traveling to and from work.

Needless to say, this option should only be given to those you trust. Whilst they may be working remotely, you will still have work they need to be completing on a daily basis.

An Extra Day Off

One great work reward is not needing to be there! Whilst you may not have a sufficient budget to pay them something as a token of your appreciation, you could give them an extra day’s holiday. Some companies routinely allow their staff an extra day off on their birthday as an innovative way of celebrating.

You could offer people the chance to take a day off in lieu of the overtime that they have worked. Some people value their free time more than money, in which case this would be greatly appreciated.

Free Snacks And Drinks

Why not bring some freebies to work? It will help them not feel taken for granted. Some of the things you could provide are :

– free snacks and drinks (candy, cakes, chocolates, fruit, etc.)

– a free breakfast option, such as bagels or donuts

– free lunch options that are easy to make like sandwiches, salads, etc.

You could also let them leave early on the day they celebrate their Christmas lunch or dinner if you are prepared to foot the bill, better still!

These have been a few ideas you could implement to make your staff feel more valued. Also, check out the ‘Employee Of The Month’ concept and research some team building exercises, too. They could include paintballing, ropes courses, and more. In return for your kindness, people will be happy where they work, will stay there, and will put in plenty of effort to maintain your business on a daily basis.

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