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What if you could unlock the power to create the world you wish for? Alain Torres has drawn a mental map to abundance and invites you along for the journey.

There’s a reason that Alain Torres is called the “Genesis Doctor.” You could say he knows a thing or two about origins. As for Torres’s beginning, he didn’t start off on stage, speaking alongside celebrities such as Randy Jackson and Mario Lopez; his journey started with love. 

For over a decade, Torres has been known as the leading authority in human consciousness and energy healing. He’s a world-renowned spiritual mentor and healer to celebrities, entrepreneurs, and truth seekers. Although his home base is in Los Angeles, he offers virtual workshops and opportunities that take him to clients all over the world. Today, Torres has students in over 57 countries and has been featured in some of the world’s most elite publications.


Torres believes that we all chose to be here at this point in time, and as such, he helps us navigate the waters – particularly when they may seem a bit murky. Have you ever wondered how to align yourself to your fullest potential in every area of your life? Maybe you’re fulfilled in some areas but wish for abundance in others? Torres’s practices teach you how to heal yourself and cultivate balance so that the area in life you hope to see flourish – love, health, entrepreneurship – can bloom beyond imagination. 

All You Need Is Love


Both The Beatles and Torres agree that love really is all you need. It is at the center of who we all are. It took a long-term relationship to open Torres up to love – but not in the way you might imagine. Over 8-and-a-half years, he invested five rings and three weddings into the same girl, only to discover that the journey he was on was more about self-love than anything else. The breakup led Torres through periods of darkness and light.


 When “traditional” methods failed to bring him understanding, he sought out his happiness by reaching out to the earth’s caretakers: shamans and healing masters. As an introverted Latin male who grew up in an entrepreneurial family, he thought “energy” would be the last thing he would explore. Torres studied Psychology and Communications in college; logic was his way. “Fifteen years ago, if you had told me that I would be doing this, I would’ve asked you what you were smoking,” Torres laughs. 

It became clear to him that a successful life would be better achieved through understanding people and human nature. Although things didn’t work out with his now ex, he still holds only love in his heart for her. “I know I wouldn’t be half the human I am today without her indirectly and directly pushing me to become better,” Torres says. “It’s just that at the time when things weren’t working out in this area of my life, I was trying so hard to make it work. I had tried all the logic, all the book smarts, I figured out all the systems. Then I thought, maybe there’s more of an emotional side to this. Maybe something is going on that’s deeper, that is beyond logic, beyond the moment, so that’s when I came to a conclusion.”


Meditation and Mindset – Relationships are the Pathway to Enlightenment

The first step Torres took was to clear up any negative energy and release his pent-up emotions. For your everyday human, this part of the journey can be hard enough. For an alpha male, facing one’s conditioning, transitioning from logic to consciousness, moving to a place that transcends judgment so that you can shift your energetic patterns, it can be a bold leap considering what’s expected of you in the world. 


“That 18-inch journey from the head to the heart is the most profound journey I’ve ever been on in my life,” Torres shared. “I learned that when things fall apart, they actually fall into place. Relationships are a pathway to enlightenment. They are vehicles we can use to heal ourselves in other areas, whether it’s health or entrepreneurship. You have to go deeper. But how do you navigate? Decode? Rework the hardwiring? The way you see things shifts everything else. It’s not about the path. It’s about the awareness that you gain on the path.”


Torres teaches us that thoughts are only as powerful as we make them. Whatever we give our mind to shapes and molds our reality. Relationships, health, purpose; we all hold conditions around these things. Even fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Letting go is the only way.


For Torres to shift his perspective, he let go and surrendered. He studied with shamans, elders, different medicine men, and medicine women around the world. Finally, after tens of thousands of hours of meditation and some shamanic plant ceremonies, he dove into the depths of his consciousness. He discovered his truth: his purpose is to teach others the lessons of the heart. Through his own experience and process, Torres had learned how to unlock the ability to not only heal yourself but to thrive. He now empowers his clients by passing along the same techniques that have helped him, allowing them to embrace their ability to create abundance in every area of their lives.  

Emotional Mastery


Mastery of the mind, mastery of the self, comes from living in this particular place of oneness. The first step is knowing your story, how you’ve healed, and what you’ve shifted into. People typically celebrate their losses, not their wins. Torres says we should change that habit first and shift to celebrate our wins. “Give yourself a pat on the back; you’ve come this far,” he explained. “Make the intention. I intend to shift this now. The universe bends around you. 

The story we tell is what we give life to. We are all just one shift away from the life we’ve always wished for.”


Torres says it’s our mind that distracts us. “Your mind is not you,” he points out. “The goose chase is because the self doesn’t want to see. Your job is to acknowledge that monkey mind, get present, let that wandering thought go, and get right back to focus. Unlearn the distracted mind. Keep the laser-like focus. This is why we get pulled off our path.”


This is part of the Genesis point process. Through this practice, Torres (aka the Genesis Doctor) shows you how staying in old patterns will keep you from shifting into your full creative role. “You’ve got to step out of the old and into the new. It requires a different type of awareness. Forget about the past or the future. You change “the now.” Most people wait for the other shoe to drop before they change. That tells the universe you only change when you have problems. Instead of being reactive, be proactive. See what reflections come up in your inner world, and that will prevent them from manifesting outside of yourself. Get ahead of the pattern, so you avoid repeating the story. If you keep doing this, you get so far ahead of your patterns, and you will predict the future. You’ll know what’s in alignment and what’s not.”


The Key to Abundance 


It comes down to this: gratitude is the key, and abundance is the treasure. Practicing gratitude is a great way to access abundance. No matter what any of us have going on, we all wish for success in some respect. Torres is the perfect guide for this journey. He teaches you how to ride the bike of life with training wheels, then shows you how to kick them off, so you can ride free. He enlightens you on how to get out of your own way, how to heal and recondition yourself to break unhealthy patterns and make room for what you want more of in life. Move into your heart and seat yourself at the root of your soul. All of this adds substance to your life in unimaginable ways. 

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David Christopher Lee is a Publisher and celebrity portrait photographer. He has been working with Alain for years and has learned that the key to abundance is to invite it into your heart. “I went through a major healing process after going through my first lawsuit. I dealt with massive feelings of betrayal and Alain taught me how to let go of these emotions. He helped me heal and to invite the positive energy in which I craved. Abundance has always been around me but now it’s on another level,” said Lee.


Torres says if you want to create abundance, you should take a look at your routine. If you keep doing the same old thing and keep attracting the same old thing, but wondering why you keep attracting the same old thing, it’s not hard to figure out. It’s because your mind is attached to certain habits and ways of thinking. Don’t allow your mind or emotions to hijack you. But also, don’t just get stuck analyzing the patterns, he warns. Instead, see them on a different level. “If we actually can listen to that inner voice of truth and start to take action from it, it’ll lead us to where we need to be. It equates to us living a life that’s aligned with our true purpose,” Torres explained.


“I’ve worked with a lot of entrepreneurs over the years that get derailed by something personal, and it takes them so far off their path. They get so distracted, and they never come back. They end up in limbo. They don’t do anything about it, and then they build the story that they aren’t successful. Then, of course, whenever they try something new, as they move forward, they’re not going to be successful there because their story is so strong, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”


Torres says you must remove yourself from the story. You are not your patterns or even the bad things that have happened in your life. Dismantle the story, and rewrite a new one as you move forward. Don’t overthink things. There needs to be a good balance of logic, listening to the gut, and taking action. This, in tandem with gratitude, will open up a world of abundance in any area. 


The Power of Manifestation


Torres helps clients via rapid healing, energy protection, and third eye activation, among other things. He does live calls, has a Facebook group, and conducts live Q&As. He has mobilized an entire community through his online business. Once Torres recognized his own theme, which had been the desire to love and be loved, he knew that he could help others recognize their themes. When he fully stepped into his purpose, his business soared, and he saw that he had manifested the ability to help others shift their lives, quickly and drastically.


As a self-described one-time introvert who fought through heartbreak only to become an expert on love and relationships, Torres’s ability to manifest for himself and teaching others the same transcends gender or specific area in life; it’s all-encompassing. He encourages people to be critical thinkers, to look at all of the angles, and figure out which perspective they see things from so they can make adjustments. The next step is to challenge your beliefs. Don’t do things as standard operating procedure. Not every situation is the same. Sometimes you need to do something different. Seeing and doing things from a different perspective gives you wisdom and understanding.


Torres recalls a shift he helped initiate with one client that was life-altering. “If I didn’t help him shift what we did that one week, [my client] said that in one day, he would have lost about $20 million,” he shared. “I helped him work through his relationship so that he could focus on his business. To help others find and connect with their soul, get into alignment with their truth, rather than just doing what the world would want them to do or to operate from a place of just achieving material wealth, is what I would call a ‘Lion’s life.’ When you’re in alignment, everything will fit in a way where it doesn’t seem like you’re playing to lose something. Instead, you’re playing to enjoy everything that you’re creating in a conscious way.”


For more information, visit the Genesis Doctor.

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