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Buying a luxury home is the dream, and once you have achieved it you might feel like that goal has been reached. This starts to feel even more real when you’ve furnished and decorated it according to your liking. However, while this is incredibly gratifying, it is not the end of the story.


Owning any home is hard work, and owning a luxury home comes with specific challenges. On the one hand, it is in great shape when you move in. On the other hand, there is a lot more that requires maintenance, both in terms of rooms of the house and the content within.


To help you keep your luxury home in perfect shape, follow these 3 tips.


1. Get a home warranty


There is a lot of debate over whether a home warranty is worth it or not. Maintenance is necessary for every home, and it can be something you budget for. Instead of spending money on a home warranty that may never pay off, you could open up a savings account specifically for this purpose.


To find out what home warranties pay out, see here. Generally, maintenance costs 1% to 3% of the value of the home each year. You can use this number to prepare in advance, and you never have to get a third party involved.


However, there are other reasons to get a home warranty. With a home warranty, much of the burden of maintenance and repairs is taken off your back. The warranty company finds contractors to fix problems when they arise. They will have someone at your home as soon as possible, and you won’t have to search frantically for available handymen.


Some homeowners prefer to take care of maintenance themselves and don’t trust anyone else to find the right people. But if you would rather leave it to a company dedicated to these issues, a home warranty is worth it.


2. Create a maintenance schedule


Some maintenance and repairs are necessary on an ad hoc basis and you cannot plan for them in advance. However, many other maintenance issues should be planned according to a schedule. This includes things like servicing your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC), waterproofing your roof, and maintaining insulation.


It is crucial that you do these things according to a schedule as leaving them for too long will create other issues. Failing to waterproof on time, for example, can lead to extensive damage inside the home.


If you are buying your home from a previous owner, ask them to share their maintenance schedule with you. They know the house better than anyone, and if it is in great condition, this is a sign of their good work.


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If your house is new, speak to the builders and contractors about which aspects need regular maintenance. They will have an idea of how often certain things need to be taken care of. Ultimately, however, you will have to keep a lookout for issues throughout the first couple of years to come to these decisions based on a house only you know.


3. Do regular deep cleaning


Any responsible homeowner keeps their home clean throughout the year. But that does not mean deep cleaning is unnecessary. The reality is that, over time, dust builds up in spaces you can’t easily reach. Carpets gather dirt and beds absorb sweat. Furniture picks up scratches.


For this reason, you need to get professionals to do deep cleaning at regular intervals. Twice a year is good enough for most homes, but it depends on the standards you keep throughout the year.


While you may believe that you can do thorough cleaning yourself (or that the person you hire to clean does a good enough job), professional cleaning companies have equipment that you have no reason to store. Spending the money on getting them out twice a year will save you from having to make your own arrangements.

Deep cleaning is important for maintenance purposes, not just hygiene. Your home will keep better if dirt is not given the chance to settle in permanently. Carpets and beds won’t need to be replaced if dirt does not become permanent.


Maintaining a home is a job in and of itself. The above 3 tips will help you keep your luxury home in perfect shape.

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