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There are many reasons for giving business gifts to clients. You may be thanking them, welcoming new patrons to your brand, or even celebrating a milestone that your company has achieved. Whichever motivation it may be, you should ensure that your gifts are impressive to make your customers know for sure that you genuinely value them.

The best business gifts for clients are said to be those that are useful, personal, high-quality, and unique. To make your clientele appreciate the gifts, you should take a keen note of their interests and give them items you know they’ll relate with. 

Here are 19 of the best business gifts and thoughtful ideas to impress your buyers:

1. Whiskey Sets

Since you already know your client’s interests, you can get those that enjoy drinking personalized whiskey gift sets. You can choose one that comes with two engraved shot glasses, a velvet pouch, a pair of tongs, and nine whiskey stones, all in a wooden box. 

Your whiskey-loving clients will definitely be thrilled by these incredible gifts. You can customize and personalize the wooden box to bear the recipient’s name so that each of them can feel appreciated. They may even pour glasses right away and drink with you as they appreciate your kindness and generosity. 

This is a good tactic for keeping your business associates loyal. It also increases your chances of having a long-term business association with them.

2. Premium Corporate Gifts For Men

Men are said to love accessories such as wallets, travel bags, shoes, watches, document holders, belts, cardholders, and keychains. After all, these are items that they use on a daily basis as they go about their businesses. Moreover, they can’t have too many such accessories. The more they have in their collection, the better for them, as variety is a key component of fashion.

This implies that you’ll never go wrong with such premium corporate gifts for men. If you’re looking for a gift for a colleague or client, then the premium range of leather business gifts at are ideal, allowing you to customize them with laser engraving. Other companies may offer similar products and services as well. 

3. Coffeeware

In the corporate world, coffee keeps most people going. Many understand that the drink energizes the body on top of its other health benefits such as increasing alertness and promoting wakefulness. That’s why most people, including your clients, love coffee. This makes a coffee gift set an absolute choice as a client gift. 

You can give this set to new clients joining your business or offer appreciation to the clients you’ve been doing business with. A typical set may contain two personalized coffee mugs and an insulated coffee carafe. You can engrave the entire set with the clients’ names to make the gift more personal and unique.

4. Golf accessories

A common stereotype in the corporate world is that business owners spend most of their free time on a golf course. You probably have a couple of clients that love playing golf. You can get them a portable putting set. When the weather isn’t conducive for going out and playing or when they’re too busy to leave the office, the putting set can still be of help.

This handy set may enable them to practice their putting at the comfort of their offices. It’s convenient and portable; thus, your golf-loving clients will definitely enjoy it.

Giving your clients gifts that allow them to explore their talent or enjoy their favorite hobbies is such a mindful gesture on your part. It shows that you care about their interests. Moreover, it shows that you want to keep them happy. This is very key in maintaining a good business relationship with them.

5. A Notebook

The beauty of notebooks is that your clients can use them for many things in their daily routines. They can jot down meeting notes, screen-play ideas, and also to-do –lists. You can make it personalized by adding their name or their mantra on the notebook’s cover. 

You should also be keen on the kind of journals they prefer. Some may like lined, blank pages, or dotted. You, therefore, need to give them what they like to make them feel more valued.

6. A Bean Bag Toss Game Gift Set

The best business gifts for clients are those that they can use and enjoy for many years. Giving your clients a gift set of a bean bag toss game is a good idea because they can use them while playing with their families. 

The good thing about this game is that any person of any age can play it because it’s easy and relatable. The clients can play the game at tangling parties, family cookouts, picnics, or even office parties. The mere fact that the gift box has the specific client’s name adds the cherry on the top of this beautiful gift.

7. Wine-Themed Gifts

Giving a bottle of wine to a client as a gift in the corporate world is pretty much common. You can be a little more different to make your clients feel more special by giving them a set of wine glasses.

You can choose gift sets with a vintage-inspired design that’ll make them feel more enthusiastic about coming home and drinking with the glasses. As they sip from the classy glasses you gifted them, they can’t help but think about your business. And that’s exactly your marketing goal.

8. Food Gift Baskets

You’d want your client’s gift to be extravagant to ensure they’ll remember you. If you give them a spectacular gift, they’ll be more motivated to do business with you, hoping that they’ll get a better one next time. And you shouldn’t mind ‘spoiling’ them once in a while.

Therefore, you can give them a food gift basket and add all kinds of sweet, salty, and savory snacks that they’ll be eating for the next week or two. Such a gift can be a perfect choice for a holiday gift. But you can still use it to appreciate the clients after achieving a significant milestone, perhaps making purchases beyond a predefined dollar amount. You can also give such a gift to celebrate their company’s achievements.

9. Personalized Pens

Even if the world has almost entirely gone digital, the classic good old pens are still in use and aren’t set to vanish out of the scene any time soon. Your clients may use pens to jot down ideas or write meeting notes as is the case in many business settings. You can, therefore, give them a quality pen with their name on it as a sign of appreciation.

10. Tumblers

If you want to give a matching gift to your dozens or hundreds of clients for the holidays or as appreciation for a successful month or year, you can go for tumblers. Almost everyone uses them for tea, soda, protein shakes, and coffee. You’d want to go for the double-walled stainless steel ones that are also insulated with a vacuum to keep beverages hot or cold for several hours.

You can be more creative by adding a cup sampler or a ground coffee package to complete the gift package. Clients may use their tumblers every day, which may remind them of your brand. With such unfading memories in their minds, you can be sure that they’ll keep doing business with you.

11. Fruit And Nut Gift Basket

You can’t go wrong with a quality fruit or nut basket as your choice to reward a client, especially if they’re ladies. You can put some fruits, a plenitude of nuts, and maybe honey sticks in the basket. But even if you can’t manage to put all these, choosing one option can still do. Your client will still be impressed by your sacrifice and generosity.


12. Beer Mugs

You’d want to surprise some of your clients who love beer. They’ve probably gone to a famous brewery and admired the mugs they used there. As a business person, you should pay attention to such details and have conversations with your clients. To show them that you’re keen on their passions, you can give them similar mugs.

You can also add your company logo to make them remember when and where they got the mug from. They’ll appreciate drinking from these beer mugs at home, just as they do at their favorite brewery. Note that beer mugs are bigger and better than ordinary pint glasses, hence an excellent gift idea.

Additionally, you can add unique and personalized bottle openers to the beer mugs. Your beer-loving clients will enjoy using the openers. You can give them this particular set when celebrating your anniversary as business associates.

13. Technology Roll

Clients appreciate gifts that help them in their daily lives. A typical one definitely has several universal serial bus (USB) cables for their mobile devices. So, they’ll surely appreciate a tech roll.

This case helps them stay more organized by putting all USB cables in one place. This way, they don’t have to deal with messy or lost cables. The clients can travel from place to place knowing that all their cables are intact and safe. 

14. Donations To A Charity In Your Client’s Name

You can decide to surprise one of your loyal clients by donating to a charity on their behalf. This can only be possible if you know what your clients like and support. You should know whether they like arts, music, ballet, museums, or other similar causes. And once you get information that they intend to donate to a charity, you can top up their donation to boost their image.

Also, if your clients are passionate about the environment, you could sponsor them to a tree-planting exercise. Such an act can make a client super happy. It demonstrates goodwill and the anticipation to achieve more incredible things in the future.

15. Perfume

With research showing that 39% of men in the United States (U.S.) wear perfume on a daily basis, you’d want to capitalize on such likes to impress your clients. Suppose during your random side-chats they reveal to you that they use a certain brand of perfume. In that case, go ahead and shop for the perfume. Every morning when they spray themselves, your brand will come to their mind. And that’s a sign of a guaranteed business in the future.

16. Gift Cards

You can give your clients gift cards to their favorite restaurant or holiday destination where they can go and enjoy themselves with their families. You can also give them a gift voucher to go and shop at a particular mall or store. Don’t forget to add in a touch of color to make it extra special. 


17. Coffee Table Books

The best books are the ones that look appealing from the cover and captivating as you browse through. You can get your clients books that have exciting pictures. The best way is to find out their interests and get them books that they would enjoy reading. If they like inspirational reads, then don’t hesitate to give them one. For fiction lovers, try getting them one in their preferred genre, say, detective series or romance.

18. An Office Plant

To appreciate your clients, you can gift them with office plants that are easy to take care of. This way, you promote wealth and good luck. Seeing the plants in the offices will be a daily reminder to the clients of their business association with you.

As they watch the plant growing taller, they’ll always remember it’s you that gave them that plant. And since they’ll be determined to keep the plants alive and healthy, the same will also reflect in your business dealings.

19. Photo Album

A photo album with photos of product launches, company events, or any other memorable moment that you’ve shared with your clients can serve as a perfect business gift. The album will be a reminder of all the beautiful experiences you’ve shared. It can also make them feel that you value and treasure them.


There are many business gifts and thoughtful ideas to impress your clients. You can gift them when celebrating work anniversaries, after achieving a goal or when welcoming new clients. Some of the business gifts you can buy include beer mugs, tumblers, gift cards, whiskey sets, coffee gifts, golf gifts, leather wallets, belts, travel bags, and many others. These gifts are an indication that you treasure your clients and the business association that you have together.

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