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A lot of people like to think about interior design and decorating their home as a way to express themselves. However, it’s true that when you walk into your house, it should feel like a place where you can be yourself without any judgment.

But the fact is that we do several things in our homes that are not only just for decoration but also to make them appear more stylish and sophisticated. Here are seventeen different ways through which you can make your home look stylish without having to spend too much money!

  • Paint Your Walls: Painting your walls may seem simple, but this is one of the best ways to change up the look of any room in your house from drab and dull to bright and cheery. You can also color an accent wall that contains different colors to make the room seem larger while making it stand out. If you want to create something unique on your walls, then consider getting a mural painted or put up some wallpaper.
  • Add Furniture Arrangements That Aren’t Traditional:

 For those who are not into traditional furniture arrangements like having chairs against all four walls around a coffee table with no space for anything else, there are other options that can still have an effect on your decor. Go for something like a bookshelf in the corner and a cozy chair where you can spend some leisure time.

  • Invest in Quality Lighting: You may have heard this before, but lighting is important! Not only does light make a space brighter, but also more inviting to come into. If you don’t want any windows for whatever reason or even just to save money on heating bills, then invest in some good quality lamps, either they’re floor lamps or tabletop versions. Modern.Place offers a huge range of lights that instantly light up spaces, so make sure you check out the collection and get stylish lights for your home.

  • Add Beautiful Pieces of Art or Decorations:

A great way to spruce up an otherwise dull-looking area in your house would be adding beautiful pieces of art or decorations that are not expensive but still add something new and exciting into the mix, like wall decals and sculptures.

  • Color Coordinate Your Furniture: If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to buy new furniture, painting your existing furniture pieces is another option for giving them a fresh look. Colour coordinating all your furnishings can be fun and could even help with the organization if done right! Make sure to add contrasting shades in your decor color and furniture color, so it doesn’t look too monotonous.
  • Add Plants:

This one is a no brainer and can go in any room of the house! Adding plants to your home gives it an earthy feel. Besides, they are also good for making things fresh as well as having great benefits like purifying the air, reducing stress levels, and adding oxygen into our living spaces.

  • Hang Pictures Correctly: Hanging pictures correctly on walls or with frames can not only give any space more character but also take up some empty spaces that may otherwise go unnoticed. It’s worth investing in good picture hangers because this will allow you to hang frames at the correct height without tacks or nails, which over time might ruin drywall.


  • Add an outdoor rug to create more space for relaxing outside: 

Add an outdoor rug to your porch or patio, and you’ll instantly create more space for relaxing outside. If you wish to create a rustic theme decor, then choose the rugs with light brown shades.

  • Convert your TV room into a study: If you have an extra room in the house, then why not convert it to a stylish and cosy study. This way, when guests come over, they’ll feel more comfortable sitting on the sofa or comfy armchairs with books nearby for perusing through. It’s also worth investing in some floor lamps, which will create soft light any time of day!
  • Use mirrors strategically around the home: Mirrors are great because they can make any space appear bigger than what it really is. They’re perfect for bathrooms where people may want to get ready at different times; bedrooms so that couples don’t need to move furniture every night before bedtime ̵
  • Plants: Surrounding your bed with plants creates a beautiful and relaxing space and will help you sleep better. You can add planters on one wall or add succulents on your shelves to make the house look greener.
  • Add Fragrance Throughout The Home: Light scented candles throughout the house or put loose fragrance oil on top of dressers and tables. It’s also worth investing in air fresheners which can add scent too without making things heavy with a perfume smell.
  • Add Curtains for Privacy or Style: Adding curtains can be a really simple way to customize how different rooms look in any room, so they’re perfect for those who like privacy when sleeping or taking naps. Plus, adding patterned curtains can add some style to what
  • Surround Your Bed with Soft Furnishings: This is a great way of creating intimacy in the bedroom while still maintaining enough privacy on either side of the bed. There are lots of different ways that people can decorate their bedrooms, but this is one quick hack for making it feel more stylish!
  • Change The Color Palette Of Your Home With Artwork And Shades: 

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One thing about colour palette makeovers is that they’re very easy to do because we need some new paintings or even just a few paint colours worth mixing together. Also, changing up our wall artwork really does wonders when it comes to transforming how we perceive rooms within our homes.

  • Create Your Own Style: The last point I want to bring up isn’t really about how you could stylize your home more; rather, this point revolves around creating your own style that reflects who you are. Get creative with what inspires you, whether it’s art or music or travel – anything at all! Then try incorporating that into your home.



Regardless of which decor style speaks to you the most, remember that having an inviting place where we can relax and be ourselves without any judgment or fear of being judged by anyone else around us is what really matters. So, try to use these tips and create a stylish space that expresses your creativity.


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