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The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to reevaluate your wardrobe and change up your style. And whether you are someone who loves to experiment with fashion or stick to what you know, no wardrobe is complete without a select few clothing essentials. 

They are options you find yourself turning to repeatedly, always pairing perfectly with your outfit of choice. From a stylish midi skirt to classic loafers, head to your local Huffer stockist for these must-have pieces. You will quickly build a capsule wardrobe that will serve you year-round. 

Classic White T-Shirt

While it may not be the most exciting piece of clothing, the classic white t-shirt will likely be one of the most worn in your wardrobe. In addition, it is a highly versatile clothing option, pairing nicely with everything from a pair of jeans to midi skirts, denim shorts, or under a strappy summer dress. 

The beauty of the t-shirt is you can get it in a style, fit, and material that suits your personal preference best. Cotton and linen fabrics are lightweight and ideal for hot summer days, while silk or satin gives it a luxurious boost. 

Midi Skirt

If you have never been a fan of the mini skirt or want to try something new, the midi skirt is going to become a summer favorite. The style is incredibly chic and flattering to all body shapes and sizes, and it will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. 

Invest in one or two skirts that you love, pairing them with loafers for a fun day look and your favorite heels for date night. 

Breton Stripes

Breton stripes have been a summer must-have for years. The nautical-inspired blue and white stripe design is the perfect way to wear an eye-catching piece without overwhelming the rest of your outfit. 

Match it with fitted black trousers and loafers, denim shorts or jeans and white sneakers, or a flowy midi skirt. Forget any preconceived notion that horizontal stripes are not flattering for women with fuller figures. The design can and should be embraced by everyone. 

Boyfriend Jeans

Owning the perfect pair of jeans is necessary for any time of year. They are an easy and fashionable option that can be paired with a plethora of different shirts, shoes, and accessories. Classic fitted jeans have been a staple for years and continue to hold that reign. 

But for summer, try something new with a pair of boyfriend jeans. They are casual, comfortable, and ridiculously stylish, projecting the perfect mood for the sunny weather. Opt for lighter blue shades to match the bright weather and leave the dark, wintery colors for when the temperatures drop. 

Maxi Dress

When the temperatures start to rise, wearing tight and restrictive clothes can quickly become a nightmare. But when you don’t want to sacrifice style for function, you will find yourself turning to maxi dresses more and more. 

They are perfect for summer and can easily be layered with a denim jacket, light cardigan, or white t-shirt for cooler days. 

Denin Jacket

You likely won’t need many options for outwear during the hotter summer months, but having a stylish denim jacket on hand is a must. It is ideal for throwing on for morning breakfast dates and evening drinks with friends. 

Baggy fits and lighter washes are considered to be more on the casual side of the spectrum, while fitted and dark-wash denim is more formal. Your choice should depend on your existing wardrobe and what will best match your style. 


In the history of fashion, some clothing items have stood the test of time, cementing themselves as timeless classics that any capsule wardrobe should have. The little black dress, or LBD, invented in 1926 by fashion icon Coco Chanel fits this description to the tee. 

It will quickly become your go-to dress for any special occasion or formal event, and by adding different accessories, you can have a different look each time you wear it. These days, endless dress designs are available to suit any body shape, helping you feel the most confident version of yourself. 

Colored Crossbody Bag

Regardless of your fashion style and aesthetic, you should always try to include a vibrant pop of color in your look. So while you could choose a boldly colored garment or fun shoes, a chic crossbody bag will be a far more practical choice. 

Whether you choose a bright fuchsia pink, deep rich red, or sunshine yellow, you will be able to partner your crossbody with many different outfits for an instant boost. 


Black Loafers

No wardrobe can be complete without the perfect pair of shoes. And nothing compares to loafers for the ultimate balance of casual and formal. They are incredibly versatile and can be worn year-round, although it is not recommended to brave the snow in them. 

They can be paired with practically everything in your wardrobe and are appropriate for a formal work event and Sunday lunch with friends. Opt for a neutral black, dark grey, or navy blue pair for maximum usage. However, nothing will beat the classic black style. 

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