Streamlining your Summertime Stash With Robyn Newmark – Pursuitist

by Elyse Glickman

Are your beauty essentials (and habits) ready for takeoff this summer? If not, there’s no better place to gain inspiration than a well-travelled beauty guru with a clientele who is also constantly on the go. Meet Robyn Newmark, who boasts an exclusive, top-secret roster of A-list clients yet also intends to make her tips, tricks, treatments and products available to everybody interested in a proactive approach to skincare. Through her three med spa locations and her online professional academy, she’s all about making putting one’s best face forward effortless and safe.

This is no exception for summer of 2021, as Newmark predicts a natural look will prevail. This means scaling back, doing away with spray-tans and high-concept contouring while continuing to keep eyes and brows front and center. With this minimalism in mind, the goal is to keep everything in your kit travel-sized. “I always recommend traveling light to only bring what is essential so you don’t get weighed down with all of this extra stuff,” she says. “The best place to start is by looking out for items that have a dual usage or multi-task, ensuring you carry fewer things that accomplish more jobs.”

While this seems like a no-brainer, it can be hard to stick to as most of us can admit to having least a dozen “can’t live without” essentials. However, one myth Newmark puts to rest is that you don’t need to bring everything and the bathroom sink to look and feel your best.

If you were to pick only one essential out of everything on the market, what would it be?

Robyn Newmark: Sunscreen is going to be the most important thing for summer, and It is important to reapply sunscreen every two hours, especially if you’re out and about. Most sunscreens only protect you for about 15 minutes, with a few providing up to 80 minutes of coverage. Furthermore, not everybody wants to put a heavy cream or lotion on their face every few hours. This is why I like Dr. Sonia’s Elite MD Mineral Sun Sheer Mineral Pearl Powder ($44), a medical grade mattifying mineral based powder with SPF30 sunscreen, which can be reapplied throughout the day. It provides medium coverage as make-up and has a subtle tint to it, making it a great alternative to traditional makeup or powder. If you don’t typically use face powder, I recommendDr. Sonia MD Sheer Sun Shield Spray ($36) both available on her website ( and in a special bundle on my website


What about other forms of sunscreen for specific parts of the face or body?


RN: The other must-have is an SPF “Chapstick” or lip balm. Although many people neglect their lips, the skin on the lips is very vulnerable to burning and chapping in summer weather. NewMark Beauty has a lip balm with a coconut oil base and an SPF 30 ($XX) that does double duty, especially for those who invested in permanent makeup on their eyebrows or lips. Simply to keep it in your in your purse and reapply it over the brows, lips or anywhere that permanent makeup has been applied. Even if you don’t have permanent makeup, an SPF lip balm should be reapplied to lips and other fragile areas of facial skin prone to sun damage. We want to have as much SPF within reach as possible so we can be proactive with protection and anti-aging.


And what about mascara, considering those who have permanent lashes and others who go without them? 


I love to travel with the LashX PRO/LINE Liquid Liner by Makeup Mandy ($120, or in Icon (black). This is a classic black liquid liner infused with lash-growing treatment, which gives ladies that little bit of eyeliner while also encouraging natural growth.


What other tools or items do you consider essential things in your beauty tool kit?

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Have a fresh packet of makeup remover wipes, which are available in different formulas and at every price point. This is a must, especially when we get back to long transcontinental flights, long workdays at conferences that lead straight into dinner, and so on. I also want to recommend NewMark Beauty Recovery Toner ($40,, which I packaged it in a spray bottle as I wanted it to be easy to apply, even in difficult-to-reach places. It contains O2 skin-pro, an oxygen powder that not only helps keep skin clean and refreshed, but also stimulates collagen production and rids the skin of bacteria on while keeping it plump and healthy-looking. The ten essential oils in this formula targets brown spots, scarring, melasma and uneven skin tone. It can also be used as soothing wound care, given that scrapes, bug bites and other small injuries happen during the summer.

I would definitely recommend that! You can go to Ulta or Sephora and find all kinds of options from different brands (including Anastasia Beverly Hills’ versatile “Italian Summer” face palette, $58), as well as others that allow you to pick and choose your colors to create a customized kit of things you can wear everyday. On the other hand, I never go anywhere without my Lumify Eye Drops ($8.95, eBay), because eyes themselves need to be refreshed after all-day meetings, 15-hour flights and dry climates. It brightens up the eyes and makes your entire face look better, with or without makeup.



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