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Fancy a luxurious trip to a popular destination? Well, who doesn’t? But one thing that stops so many people from fulfilling their dreams is the expense that comes with travelling. Recently a cost-effective travel option has become quite common among people and that is medical tourism. People travel to other countries for getting medical procedures done and this way they get to explore around as well. Procedures like dental treatments, facelifts, nose jobs, and hair transplants in Turkey are quite popular among people around the world. 


Medical tourism is mostly about beauty-enhancing procedures like face lifting, hip reshaping, breast enlargement, or a nose job. Often people travel across the globe to get these procedures. There are multiple reasons why people prefer to get these procedures done in other countries instead of their home country. Here we have managed to enlist a few: 

Cost-Effective: One of the top reasons why people prefer to go to Turkey for beauty-enhancing surgeries is that these procedures become quite cost-effective in these countries despite providing quality services. For example, the cost of a hair transplant in the UK can go up to £30,000 whereas the same procedure can cost around £1500 in Turkey, which is a considerable difference. 

Top-Quality & Easy Availability: The procedures done in the countries that are known for the procedures are of top-quality always. Moreover, you get an available slot easily for which in the UK you will have to wait for weeks or sometimes months. 

New Treatments: As compared to the UK, you will be able to get new treatments done in Turkey easily. Few specific procedures are not allowed in some countries, so people have to travel to other countries to get those done. 


The cost of cosmetic procedures like hair transplants is way cheaper than the European counterparts and the USA. Despite providing top-notch services, have you ever wondered why these procedures are cheaper in Turkey? Here have a look: 

Cheap Living: The overall living cost in Turkey is way cheaper as compared to other countries. This is also one of the key factors why Turkey is a famous tourist destination around the world. From accommodation to food to medical procedures, everything fits in the pocket easily. 

Easier Lease: The cost of medical spaces in Turkey is way cheaper as compared to the UK and other countries in addition to the easy lease options. This automatically cuts down the cost of the procedures. 

Affordable Labour Cost: In Turkey, the overall labour costs are lesser as compared to the other countries. Moreover, the government imposes strict medical controls according to which the hair clinics can hire the staff members at 20% cost which is very less than those in Europe. This has a direct effect on the drop in prices of medical procedures. 


Turn your trip into a 2 in 1 opportunity by getting a hair transplant in Turkey at affordable rates. You get to enjoy the rich cultural heritage along with the high-quality medical procedures. 

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